The Popcorn Stand: Don’t ring my or millennials’ bell

Those of you choose to read this Popcorn Stand know this old fuddy, duddy tends to give millennials a hard time every so often, but there’s something we do agree upon, although for vastly different reasons.

I’m generally not a door bell ringer. I choose to knock on the door instead. Sometimes the door bell is hard to hear, so I’m not sure if the people inside have heard the door bell, so I tend to ring the door bell too much, which I’m sure is annoying for the people inside.

Then there are the door bell rings that go on forever as if the people inside want you to listen to a huge production before they come to the door.

But apparently millennials and GenZers have trouble with door bells. That’s right we’re already onto the next generation, Generation Z, which is somewhat of a quasi generation born sometime after millennials. I think they’re basically teenagers. They’re all millennials to me.

Although I still don’t know if I’m a Baby Boomer, Baby Buster or a Generation Xer, I seem to be in that quasi generation between Baby Boomers and Generation X.

But the reason why millennials don’t use a door bell is far different from mine. They don’t even knock on the door, either. It seems they just use their smartphones and doo-hickies to text those inside they’ve arrived. It’s even been reported the sound of a ringing door bell freaks them out to the point where one millenial has said “it’s terrifying.”

Millennials are sure bringing a new meaning to an open door policy. And I think they’re missing out. What if they want to do a remake of the ’70s classic “You Can Ring My Bell.” What are they going to call it? “You Can Text You’re Here”?

— Charles Whisnand


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