The Popcorn Stand: Those whiny, snowflake Generation Xers

It seems now the shoe is on the other foot so to speak as it looks like Millennials finally have a reason to call we Generation Xers whiny snowflakes. I say we Generation Xers because I’ve been informed since I was born in 1965 I am indeed a Generation Xer. I don’t feel like a Generation Xer. I actually feel more like a Baby Buster, although I’ve been informed there’s no such thing. Even though the years in which Baby Boomers have been born have fluctuated from 1946 to 1964 to 1945 to 1965 I’ve also been informed I’m not really a Baby Boomer, either. Which is too bad because Baby Boomers continue to grab headlines. And so do Millennials. But what about we Generation Xers? We might as well call ourselves the Rodney Dangerfield generation because we Generation Xers “don’t get no respect.” One last shot at Millennials — you Millennials can look up who Rodney Dangerfield is. Actually I think most Generation Xers would probably have to look up who Rodney Dangerfield is. Which is one reason why I still don’t think of myself as a Geneartion Xer. But I digress. I’ve been reading lately about how the 39 to 54 year-olds (I guess I have to admit I’m a Generation Xer) who gave us Nirvana, Pearl Jam, the VCR, Nintendo, the Brat Pack and hacky sack (don’t forget hacky sack) are upset because they’re not getting enough credit for giving us Nirvana, Pearl Jam, the VCR, Nintendo and the Brat Pack. And hacky sack. Don’t forget hacky sack. It seems we Generation Xers are feeling forgotten, unappreciated and left out with all the attention baby boomers and Millennials are getting. I’m sure Millennials feel like telling us “poor babies. Do you want a safe space to go to? Do you want me to share some of my avocado toast with you? Hey, we Generation Xers don’t get no respect. Who knew Rodney Dangerfield would be the face of Generation X? — Charles Whisnand


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