The Popcorn Stand: Try not to air too many grievances

Today is our annual homage to the fictional holiday that’s not so fictional any more. Yes, today is Festivus for the rest of us, the holiday concocted by George Constanza’s father on “Seinfeld.” But today people will actually be celebrating Festivus in honor of George’s father.

Festivus came about because George’s father had become frustrated with the over-commercialization of Christmas. George’s father came up with the ideas like an aluminum pole instead of a Christmas tree and the airing of the grievances.

In the episode when George’s father talked about the airing of the grievances he proclaimed “I have a lot of problems with you people.” Of course in 2017, I imagine we all could air a lot of grievances. But for those who are celebrating Festivus I would suggest to not get too carried away with the airing of the grievances as 2017 wasn’t all that bad or at least not as bad as we think.

And apparently much like what has become of the HallowThanksMas season, people can’t wait to celebrate Festivus as I’ve written before when looking at weird ways people celebrate Thanksgiving, somebody wrote they would participate in the airing of the grievances.

What makes the Festivus episode of “Seinfeld” so funny is how absolutely embarrassed George is by the whole thing and how Kramer reignites George’s father’s enthusiasm for the holiday he created. “It’s your heritage George” George’s father proclaims.

Actually, today, Dec. 23, if you just want to take a last-minute break from the hustle and bustle of Christmas, a sort of personal Festivus, then do just that as I think that’s what George’s father really had in mind.

The best highlights of the Festivus “Seinfeld” episode can be seen here

— Charles Whisnand


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