The Popcorn Stand: On Candy Cane Day, the worst Christmas candy

I realize the HalloThanksMas season is practically over by now, but I think it’s still not too late to cover what the worst Christmas candy is.

And after all, today is National Candy Cane Day, which really doesn’t make sense to me. I would’ve thought National Candy Cane Day would’ve been any day BEFORE Dec. 25, but what do I know?

I’ve been so wrapped up in the HalloThanksMas season, I didn’t even celebrate “Festivus for the Rest of Us,” the hilarious made up holiday to counter the commercialism of Christmas invented by George Costanza’s father on “Seinfeld.” The fictitious holiday isn’t so fictitious any more as people actually now celebrate Festivus.

But I digress. With apologies to people who actually like candy corn, I still think candy corn is the absolute worst candy in the history of mankind and I always hated it when an adult gave me candy corn when I went trick or treating to kick off the HalloThanksMas season.

Also forgive for being pleased with the fact that after polling 13,000 people, found the second worst Christmas candy is reindeer corn, which is basically just red, green and white candy corn.

Non-Peppermint candy canes are No. 8 on the list right behind the No. 7 white peppermint M&Ms, which I can also understand why they made the list because white peppermint M&Ms make absolutely no sense to me.

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Anyway, again, I realize the HallowThanksMas season is winding down because I’ve been watching commercials telling me we’re now in tax season. We can’t even wait until Christmas to start tax season.

I have to admit, though, after writing about the worst Christmas candy, I’m craving a Shamrock Shake, which I’m sure will go on sell soon as Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I know McDonald’s will start selling Shamrock Shakes before Valentine’s Day.

I love the HalloThanksMas season.

— Charles Whisnand


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