Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City affected by flooding

A NDF crew work to sandbag the annex building at the Nevada State Railroad Museum on Tuesday.

A NDF crew work to sandbag the annex building at the Nevada State Railroad Museum on Tuesday.

The Nevada State Museum on Carson Street is undergoing repairs of extensive damages from the flood, as water from Curry Street had to be diverted to the property.

Museum Director Dan Thielen said the annex, restoration shop and the main museum is flooded and are looking at $500,000 in repair costs.

“It’s been dramatic and overwhelming,” he said. “But overall, we’re doing good. Our collections are not destroyed.”

On Tuesday, state prisoners from the town of Pioche helped fill and load sandbags onto flooding areas of the property. More than 100 personnel from Nevada Division of Forestry were also on scene clearing up debris from the storm.

Drains were clogged on roads nearby and it required the flow to reroute to the museum, said Crew Captain Chad Mena of Nevada Division of Forestry. He said there have been improvements with the flooding on Curry Street.

“We’re still seeing some blockages,” he said. “We’re focusing our efforts on Curry and want to steer water away from the museum.”

Thielen said Carson City Public Works and the fire department have been a tremendous help clearing out mud from buildings. One of the essentials that helped prevent further flood damage was a pond on the property, Thielen said.

“This damage is going to bring long-term changes,” he said. “We’re teaming up with city authorities and organizations to help us develop a comprehensive flood plan for the future, as this is substantial work.”

Due to the damage on the tracks, railroad operations will be closed for a while, Thielen said. However, he encourages locals to visit the museum during open hours — preferably when the weather is safer.

“It’s tragic but as a result, nothing or nobody was hurt,” he said. “We can rebuild tracks, buildings and roads but not collectables.”

The museum also is accepting donations and are looking for volunteer to help within the Friends of the Nevada State Railroad Museum organization to support flood damage cost. To make a donation or inquire about volunteering opportunities, call (775) 687-6953.

The museum is open Thursday through Monday from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. For more information about general admission, visit


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