Letters to the editor for Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017

On NFL protest: Be wary of trading symbols for rights

Regarding the letter by Mike Timmerman, “Kneeling During Anthem is a Snub to Servicemen and Women,” I respectfully disagree.

No one should ever indicate that they speak for all of a particular group. As a retired soldier and combat veteran with nearly 26 years active duty, Timmerman does not speak for me.

I will admit to welling up with emotion every time I hear the National Anthem played and see Old Glory upright and proud. The problem is that too many, like President Trump and Timmerman, do not see beyond the symbols of our country to what those symbols represent. I do not see kneeling during the anthem as slighting the country, but rather that the rights we enjoy, guaranteed by the Constitution, are alive and well.

The American flag and National Anthem are symbols of our nation, but every soldier, sailor, Marine and airman takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Some say that the protest by NFL players has nothing to do with the First Amendment. Not true; the underlying tenant is absolutely about the right to protest codified in that amendment.

Trading symbols for rights is the path to ruin. In the 1930s the National Socialist relied on symbols like the Nazi flag and various banners to bring the population into the fold. The German people traded their democracy for those symbols and got authoritarian rule and war. I dare say that if the NFL players were protesting the police confiscating guns, we would be looking at a completely different reaction. In my mind it is dangerous to cherry-pick the Constitution!

Warren Sprinkle

Carson City

Letter writer’s description of liberals runs aground

I was pleased to see the letter “Enough is Enough” from Mr. Van Alfen in the Nevada Appeal. After all, how else would we all learn how self-centered, egotistical and ignorant liberals really are without his input?

He was pretty much able to include all the liberal tactics of personal insults, denigration and finally race, into one letter. Good job. This allows all us normal people to see just how completely lacking in moral integrity liberals really are.

I am a Vietnam veteran, Mr. Van Alfen, and have no problem reciting the words of the Pledge of Allegiance you and Mr. Irving so despise.

Perhaps it is you who should move elsewhere. Maybe over the mountains to that liberal state to our west? You would fit in nicely.

I can hardly wait for you to enlighten us all as to how the way we have conducted our elections for over 200 years is so outdated and in need of change. I am sure it will be chock full of facts. Yeah, right.

I did agree with you, though, in your description of Hillary Clinton when you referred to her as a “dead horse.”

David Knighton

Carson City

Question regarding rise of mass shootings

Is the socially standardized way of feeling, thinking and acting (read: praying) about mass shootings a structural change in American culture that is becoming as commonplace as apple pie?

Donald Carlson

Carson City

First Nation’s Focus publication an enlightening read

Our family is enjoying your First Nation’s Focus publication. The September issue with the cover story about 100-year-old Flora Greene being honored in a special ceremony with a Nevada Heritage Award (along with Patricia Hicks) is a good example of the kind of fascinating articles we see in this publication. We especially like the coverage of Native youths, educational news, powwows and cultural traditions.

Captain Paiute, the superhero comic book, practicing mindfulness and the story of Adrianne Jim, little Miss Washoe, were other worthy topics in the issue.

We appreciated learning about the cooperative educational and employment program between Western Shoshone and Barrick Gold, and the role tribal member and Placer Dome employee Brian Mason played in bringing it about.

Gim and Joyce Hollister


Upgrades at library unfavorable to taxpayers’ wallet

Closing the Carson City Library for two months to replace carpet with stained concrete is one of the biggest wastes of time and money in Carson’s recent history.

Concrete is hard on leg joints, is noisy to walk on and carpet is quieter and more attractive. Installing carpet would be less expensive and the library would not have to be shut down.

Moving things around for the sake of moving them doesn’t make sense. What difference does it make if I turn right or left to Adult Fiction.

Don’t raise my taxes to waste money.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City

All of America disrespected by NFL protestors

Yes, those wimpy NFL wobble ball players have the right to freedom of expression ... and the right to stand in the unemployment line for disrespecting all of America and what it stands for.

Barry Vaughn



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