Carson City elementary schools’ expansion projects proceed

As student enrollment in the Carson City School District is growing at a fast pace and is expected to progress in the future, the operations department presented a selection of construction managers at risk to the school board Tuesday, for the approved expansion and removal projects of Fremont and Mark Twain Elementary Schools.

West Coast industry United Construction and local designers VanWoert Bigotti Architects were awarded at the meeting for a 30 percent plan phase to begin pre-construction, and confirmed partnership with the qualified contractor.

Fremont and Mark Twain schools will expand to approximately 10,000 square feet and improve space for special education, early childhood development, kindergarten, and general education.

Mark Twain’s removal of its portable building will be the only difference between the projects. The construction on the schools is tentatively scheduled for June 2018.

“We’re honored to have this collaboration with the school district,” said Jim Miller, chief operating officer of United Construction. “We’re thankful for the opportunity.”

Although both elementary schools have similar blueprints, Fremont’s hallways will expand and include new restroom and shower areas while Mark Twain’s building will have hubs along the hallways for one-on-one meetings or other collaborations.

Both schools will have a courtyard for breaks and events, as well as a garden section for science projects and lessons. Both buildings also will have roof canopies at each entrance and glass garage doors for maintenance staff.

With that, courtyard maintenance staffing will be a possible addition in the future, as Board Member Stacie Wilke suggested specific staffing is needed so teachers will not have to clean the areas during their own time.

With more than 40 years of service and Reno as its home base, United Construction’s past projects included the Starbucks in downtown Reno and other restaurants along Virginia Street.

VanWoert Bigotti Architects’ past projects included Eagle Valley Middle School and the Sticks Retail center in Midtown of Reno.


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