The Popcorn Stand: Becoming more like my dad

Continuing with the Old Fuddy Duddy theme, I came across this Progressive Insurance commercial in which everybody is sitting in a “Dad” support group because they’re all becoming more like their father. I can relate.

I really related to the one woman in the commercial who said, “I text in full sentences.” In Wednesday’s Popcorn Stand I went on a rant about how we’re so lazy we can’t even type full words anymore. We can’t type OK anymore we just type K.

And I’m not talking about abbreviations of words, I’m talking about abbreviated words. As I wrote in Wednesday’s Popcorn Stand suspect it’s no longer suspect it’s “sus.”

And the texting is influencing how we speak as well. I once said something someone else thought was funny and the person said “Lol.” The person couldn’t even say L-O-L which of course is the acronym for laugh out loud (I’m not that much of an old-fuddy duddy), but said “Lol.”

Of course, when the woman in the commercial said “I text in full sentences,” she actually wasn’t talking about my father, who never sent a text in his life. My father was amazed at how people could just send messages like that to each other over the phone.

Of course, my father also didn’t use a phone until he was 17 and was still of the “old school,” who believed phones should actually be used to make phone calls.

And I know if my father had learned how to text he would’ve texted in full sentences.

Father knew best.

— Charles Whisnand


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