The Popcorn Stand: Pescatarians probably do have cars

Those who choose to read this Popcorn Stand know how this old fuddy, duddy who’s actually a Generation Xer is obsessed with Millennials because Millennials are trend setters and I do learn something all the time when studying Millennials.

Like what pescatarianism is (vegetarians who eat fish). Apparently there are a lot of Millennials who are pescatarians along with being vegetarians and vegans. I can imagine Yogi Berra being told a lot of Millennials are pescatarians and replying: “You mean they don’t have cars?” Or with a befuddled look on his face, asking “What religion is that?”

Although in this fast-paced society what is fleek (I can’t ever imagine Tower of Power singing “What is Fleek”) changes ever so quickly. What was fleek a few months ago becomes so few months ago. Does anybody play Pokemon Go anymore?

Even Millennials are having trouble keeping up with what is fleek or even knowing what the word means. Generation Z (a fancy term for teenagers) came up with the term fleek and is already encroaching on Millennials’ territory. So much so, financial-consultant-expert types are already counseling businesses to aim their social media at Generation Z instead of Millennials.

It’s all new school (did I just come up with a pop culture term?) to someone like me who’s “old school.” I remember us Generation Xers beginning to use the term old school as a way to talk about somebody who does things the right way in the late 1980s.

So it always catches me off guard when somebody who graduated from high school in like 1999 is referred to as “old school.”

Anyway this old (school) fuddy duddy Generation Xer will do the best he can to keep up with what’s fleek even though the word fleek may have already gone out of style while I was writing this sentence.

— Charles Whisnand


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