The Popcorn Stand: Christmas candy not all it’s cracked up to be

I didn’t know there was actually a debate when it came to candy corn. I was just under the assumption like me, EVERYBODY hated candy corn. But to my astonishment there are actually people who like candy corn.

While candy corn is more identified with Halloween, it does begin the HallowThanksMas season and in the holiday spirit came up with its list of the 10 most hated Christmas candies. This emotional topic was right up there with any political poll as a whopping 13,000 people didn’t have to be called but volunteered to weigh in on this vital issue.

I was reassured to find Reindeer corn which is just a fancy term for candy corn, was No. 2 on the list. I would’ve thought it would’ve been No. 1 until I saw Christmas Tree Nougat was the most hated Christmas candy there is. That makes sense to me because Christmas Tree Nougat makes no sense. Really when it comes to most hated candies, like candy corn, it’s not so much we hate them it’s just that they don’t make any sense.

Peeps, more associated with Easter, was No. 3 on the list and I understand this as the satisfaction level of a peep lasts about as long as cotton candy. (You’re right, I’m not a big fan of cotton candy, either. It’s just a huge mess and stays in your mouth for like a second. But I digress).

No. 5 on the list surprised me at first, but then again, I’m not a big fan of chocolate-covered cherries, either. No. 6 was a complete surprise — Life Savers. Who doesn’t like Life Savers? Although those commercials from the 70s never made sense to me. Yeah, you blew the big game, but here have a Life Savers, that’ll make you feel better. Actually it’s the fact there’s this thing in which Life Savers are packaged in Christmas Tree books and I can go along with hating that as that’s another thing that makes no sense.

No. 7 on the list is white peppermint M and Ms, which I think I would’ve ranked higher. No. 8 are non-peppermint candy canes while the traditional candy canes were an honorable mention pick. This surprises me although again how many Christmas candies are there and I’m actually pretty ambivalent when it comes to candy canes.

No. 10 on the list was also surprising but again how many Christmas candies are there? The old-fashioned hard candy mix — you know the stuff your mom uses to break out the fancy candy dish for Christmas and lasts till like at least Valentine’s Day was No. 10.

Again, at least fruitcake can’t be put on the list. For the complete list visit


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