No ordinary combo: Fallon café offers pizza – and dessert – on the go

Locals can pick up their favorite coffee or cinnamon roll at Skeeters, plus go next door to order pizza from Papa Murphy's at 1525 West Williams Avenue.

Locals can pick up their favorite coffee or cinnamon roll at Skeeters, plus go next door to order pizza from Papa Murphy's at 1525 West Williams Avenue.

FALLON, Nev. — DeAnna Niles is quite popular at Sand Mountain, as she’s known for serving instant cookie ice cream sandwiches from her vendor truck.

But after five years of it, Niles was inspired to open a permanent location in Fallon along West Williams Avenue, for locals to grab their dosage of sweetness: Skeeters.

“Skeeter is named after my Yorkie,” Niles said. “Most of the cookies come from the Papa Murphy’s recipe.”

Skeeters is no ordinary cafe; Niles has owned the Papa Murphy’s franchise for the last 10 years and connected the restaurants so customers can order pizza and dessert on the go.

Skeeters opened in mid-March after Iron Anchor Tattoo next door donated its old space to Niles.

“I don’t have anyone standing around, as we’re always working,” Niles said. “As we’re growing, we’re learning.”

Niles employed 18 people to not only prepare ice cream cookie sandwiches; Skeeters also serves hefty cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting, muffins, and just debuted their coffee menu.

But Niles is all about supporting local businesses and the people of Fallon, as the food never goes to waste. Food that has not been sold is donated to Fallon’s Out of Egypt Food Bank.

Skeeters also serves Fallon’s Sand Hills Dairy milk for beverages, such as the popular White Mocha Coffee.

The donuts at Skeeters are from Baker’s Dozen Donuts in Dayton; Niles said reason being for this is that donut fryers cost thousands, on top of trying to prevent waste as most donuts aren’t sold within a day.

However, the community could assist Niles in one, small way.

“If something on the menu isn’t right, let us know,” she said. “We appreciate feedback so we can fit it around suggestions. The public has been great with that.”

As Skeeters continues to grow, Niles hopes to showcase local talent on the walls, which will give artists an opportunity to sell their work.

With a place to eat pizza and dessert combined into one, Niles is expecting birthday parties as well; she is planning to construct a “selfie section” with multiple background tapestries for people to make memories.

She also plans to set up a bookshelf and provide mini chalkboards for children’s entertainment.

“It was important to me that we didn’t have video games,” Niles said. “Something that didn’t cost too much money and opportunities to spend time with kids.”

As Niles’ chocolate chip with vanilla bean cookie sandwich is extremely popular at Sand Mountain, Niles and her husband still make trips out to Sand Mountain to serve from their food truck.

Skeeters is open 5 a.m.-8:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 6 a.m. on the weekends, 1525 West Williams Suite E.


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