Nevada Builders Alliance to offer health coverage for 800-plus members


RENO, Nev. — Following an executive order from President Trump to expand affordable health coverage to America’s small businesses, Nevada Builder’s Alliance (NBA) will reportedly become the first trade association in the state to offer its more than 800 members a health plan specifically designed for them.

Members can qualify as early as November 1, according to an Oct. 4 news release sent on behalf of the alliance.

“Our organization is made up of healthy, active member employees that face high insurance premiums due to the fact that many are small businesses,” Aaron West, CEO of NBA, said in a statement. “Currently, competition to attract and retain workers adds increased pressure on employers to provide benefits so we’re hoping this plan will alleviate some of that pressure while providing comprehensive coverage for our members and their families.”

The health plans provided by NBA and Nevada-based Prominence Health Plan will allow small business members to receive coverage as if they were a large employer, according to NBA, "therefore reducing rates while still maintaining a high level of coverage ... and (offering) potential savings of 15 to 25 percent in comparison to other health plans."

“Prominence Health Plan is thrilled to partner with Nevada Builders Alliance to offer a more customer-focused solution to those small groups within the association,” Gabrielle Sansone, vice president of commercial sales for Prominence Health Plan added in a statement. “This opportunity will impact residents across the state by allowing easier access to affordable, quality health care.”

NBA will offer four HMO plans and one PPO plan for medical coverage for qualified NBA members in Clark, Carson and Washoe counties. In addition, participants will also reportedly have access to dental and vision coverage.

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