Letters to the editor for Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018

Rosen disrespects Jewish community

At a fundraiser in late July 2018 in Seattle, Congresswoman Rosen said that she “called on her inner-rabbi” in regards to the Oct. 1, 2017 shooting that deeply affected our state. As a member of Nevada’s Jewish community, I am deeply outraged by Ms. Rosen’s lack of respect.

Shame on her for using our community as a political tool for her own self-serving agenda. The Jewish community of Nevada is not to be used as a political tool for someone running for office. In doing so she demonstrated that she doesn’t truly care about us or our needs.

Nevada’s Jewish community is diverse; we stick together. But we do not stand for being thrown under the bus as an instrument for the political expediency of anyone. Ms. Rosen owes us and our state an apology for not only politicizing the Jewish community but also the tragedy that befell us all.

Sandra Markoe


Game, set, vote

So this year Democrats deliriously foresee a burgeoning youth vote. They may be wrong. I had the chance at a recent birthday party to speak with one of these youths. She said she was not going to vote. She was discouraged by the mud-slinging she saw on the television. It gave her no idea of any candidate’s values. She had a notion of their positions, but she could not determine whether their positions stemmed from self-interest (desire to get elected or re-elected), their loyalty to their party, or to their “base,” or were for the good of the country.

Don’t get me wrong. I think mud-slinging campaign commercials are all part of the game, but letting them run wild deprives them of meaningfulness.

Just like in football or any decent game, competing teams need umpires to determine results, call out fouls (misleading statements), and levy penalties (lost yardage), and they need commentators to remark about good and bad possible results from action on the field, and to put events into perspective by rattling off statistics from past elections. Then interest in watching the commercials would compete with that for Monday night football, and just maybe more folk would get out and vote.

Michael Goldeen

Carson City

America is still great under Trump

Thank goodness for Donald Trump. I hope he doesn’t change his personal behavior and his self-centered I-am-the-best-at-whatever-is-on-my-mind-at-the-moment attitude.

What I like about what he’s doing is that he is driving many people into the Democratic Party. Crazy as he is, he’s teaching all Americans a lesson on the importance of voting in all elections whether they be federal, state, county, city or at all levels. Especially important is this lesson for young people who will have to drain the swamp in D.C.

Unfortunately, the standards of decency, pride, honor, ethics, golden rule, restraint, cooperation and compromise are being threatened daily and the current leadership in the Senate and House of Representatives are doing nothing to rein in the president.

In spite of Mr. Trump, America is still great.

Wendell Newman

Washoe Valley

Clinton should be prosecuted

I read a comment on the web regarding Hillary Clinton being interviewed on CBS by “The Late Show” host, Stephen Colbert and her comments about Christine Blasey Ford and her theoretic encounter with Brett Kavanaugh. Hillary’s conclusion was that Kavanaugh should be prosecuted for the alleged assault.

But it is OK for Clinton to not be prosecuted for her deleting over 33,000 government emails from her private server or lying about the Benghazi murder of some of our government agents?

Ya wanna talk hypocritical?

Mary Santomauro



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