Letters to the Editor for March 30, 2019


Every day there are people inventing products and devices that can save the Earth from our present path of destruction. Have you heard of BATs? Buoyant Air Turbines are tethered. They don’t degrade habitat on the ground, they’re too high to harm birds in flight, and they produce twice as much energy as a traditional wind turbine.

Have you heard of solar bricks for highways and sidewalks and parking lots? If they had widespread use, they could produce the same amount of energy as seven billion tons of coal a year. U.S. coal consumption in 2017 was 665 million tons, so every solar brick would help.

What if every semi-truck in the U.S. became a Super Truck and doubled its fuel efficiency to 10.7 mpg? That would equal the savings of all the carbon emissions of a country like Germany. Raillon Brooks shared these inventions in an Audubon magazine.

The technology to make cars that get 70 mpg is already available. The will of the people to produce fuel efficient cars is the only way to make them happen.

Every day, a person with an ingenious mind could invent useful ways to lower carbon emissions. Let’s encourage them!

Get Rep. Amodei and Sen. Rosen to act now to encourage invention!

Nancy Scott

Carson City

DARE program has decreased community’s youth crime rate

Fourteen years ago, Sheriff Furlong made the decision to improve the relationship between our law enforcement personnel and the young people in Carson City. He reinstated the DARE program in the city’s schools at the fifth grade level. He stated that he wanted every child to know at least one deputy by their first name. Deputy Lisa Davis took on the job. She asked the Emblem Club ladies if we could supply a little help. Several of us signed up. It has been an awesome experience. At first, DARE dealt only with drug abuse, alcohol, tobacco and decision making. Over time, the program has been extended to dealing with bullies, self-esteem, self-protection and making better life choices.

March 22 was DARE graduation at Seeliger school. Speeches were made, refreshments were served and 79 came to see their 102 children graduate from DARE. In 14 years of DARE, there has been a lessening of juvenile problems in our city. The crime rate of our young people has diminished. Nine-thousand children have gone through the 14 years of DARE and they know Deputy Lisa very well.

Thank you, Sheriff Furlong.

Thank you, Deputy Lisa.

Virginia Reimold

Carson City

SB165 regarding suicide goes against greater plan

Regarding NV Senate Bill 165:

My first question is: Who in his or her right mind would even consider passing a bill to allow anyone’s attempt of suicide?

Suicide, like murder, is a grevious sin against the Fifth Commandment of God (who creates all life), which states, “Thou shalt not kill,” which includes one killing oneself!

Don’t these people realize that in taking one’s life, one is guaranteed an eternity in hell?

Ever heard of hell? It is a place of unending pain of burning in unending fire! For eternity, we’re talking!

Who in his or her right mind would want to accomplish one’s own eternal pain?

My second question is: How did anyone who would promote such a tragedy get elected to a local or national position so they could harm anyone of their constituents?

I think the government, national and local, should insist anyone running for office to be checked mentally for a working brain before they can run for public office!

Mary Santomauro


Hospital, 911 staff deserves recognition for care, quick response

My husband and I woke up because our son was making strange breathing noises. Panic and adrenaline raced through me as I watched my 16-month-old struggle to breathe. I called 9-1-1. The lady who took my call was so compassionate as I babbled through his symptoms while trying not to cry. Her gentleness was the reassuring touch I needed as she told me the paramedics were on their way, and she stayed on the phone with me until they got there. The team of paramedics that arrived at 1 a.m. were kind and calming as my tears spilled over my face and my husband did all the talking. I rode in the ambulance with my son and the paramedic talked the whole way reassuring me that we were both doing great. At Carson Tahoe Emergency, we were greeted by nurses, a doctor and respite staff. Every single person I encountered treated us with care and tenderheartedness. Did I mention this was at 1 a.m. to 5 a.m.?! Every single person was a treasure the entire time they treated my son. Thank you to all of you dedicated midnight heroes. You make the difference.

Wednesday Andrews

Carson City

Bill’s sponsors presumptive about enforcement

Local law enforcement would detain criminals found to be counterfeiting U.S. currency, a violation of federal law. Yet, AB281, presented to the Nevada Legislative Judiciary Committee on March 29, would forbid Nevada cops from detaining illegal alien lawbreakers under most circumstances. Nevada legislators think they can pick which federal laws get enforced.

Despite Judiciary Chairman Yeager delaying the AB281 hearing for two hours and having their speaking time cut, members of the anti-281 overflow crowd at Friday’s hearing spent 52 minutes making irrefutable legal, moral, public safety and practical arguments against turning Nevada into a sanctuary state.

The bill’s sponsors, all Las Vegas Democrats, seem to want to impose their dangerous mandates on us rural counties. AB281 demands that our sheriffs violate federal law. We say no.

Lynn Muzzy



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