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150 years ago

The most delightful party will be held at Moore & Parker’s Hall on New Year’s Eve. We say this advisedly; for the best music that can be engaged “west of the Rocky Mountains,” and all the things which go to make up the attractions of an evening’s entertainment have been secured for this occasion.

130 years ago

Frank McCullough is all broke up over the death of his horse, “Tom.” He was a horse that never let his foot slip.

100 years ago

George E. “Babe” Whitaker, last of the Carson boys to return to the home town from overseas, was an arrival on the morning train and was warmly greeted as he alighted at the depot. After training at Camp Fremont, he was dispatched to France with the 319th engineers.

70 years ago

The lifeless body of aged and ailing Nick Lapolla was found in his cold one-room shack Christmas morning but police were halted for almost an hour in an attempt to remove his body. Lying on the bed with a dead man was a big, black, snarling mongrel dog who refused to allow police to even enter the house, let along tough the body of his master for the past eight years. Chief of Police Howard Hoffman coaxed the dog off the bed and authorities then were able to move the body. Lampolla, a former inmate at the Nevada State Prison it is believed died on Christmas Eve.

50 years ago

The Carson Junior Ski Program will remain the same this year as in past years with Sunday as Carson day on the hill at Sky Tavern on the Mt. Rose Highway. The program will use 10 buses with 500 participants.

30 years ago

In front of the State Line hotel casino stands 64-foot tall “Wendover Will,” a Young Electric Sign Co. cowboy who puffs on a cigarette and beckons travelers to step inside to the tables. Wendover may be Nevada’s fastest growing city, growing from 307 to more than 2,200 since 1980.


150 Years Ago

Earthquake: It was a night of terror to the people of this city owing to the heavy and alarming frequent earthquake shocks. Many people remained in the streets all night fearing to stop in doors, some stayed in their dwellings and were unable to sleep, but dressed and prepared for a rush in case of a heavy shock coming. Steamboat Springs seem to have a more severe quake. Jets of water, 15 or 20 in number were thrown up to the height of 20 feet, and during the night 26 shocks were felt — four heavy ones. At Wright’s at the foot of the Geiger Grade, everything was demolished in the bar. People were thrown to the ground while running from the house. The ground in the valley seemed to roll in waves. (Territorial Enterprise)

140 Years Ago

Frozen to death: Francis Larrapin was brought in from the mountains frozen to death. After two days he failed to return and two men went out in search of him. He was found dead from exposure and hunger.

130 Years Ago

Orphan’s Home Christmas: The children of the Orphans Home had a Christmas tree, and oh, what a Christmas tree it was! Sixty children sat at their little desks and gazed at it with open mouths, and dancing eyes. There were dolls and books and horses and jumping jacks, candy and nuts, and all pretty and useful things that make children happy. Each child received four or five presents, the State giving sixty dollars to buy presents for its little wards.

120 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Cash Bargains at the Emporium Grocery: 29 bars Cudhay soap…$1.00, 7 pkgs Royal Java Coffee…$1.00, 3 lbs. Chase & Sanborns Choice Java and Mocha…$1.00, 10 cans Cove oysters…$1.00, 10--2 lbs. pkgs Wheat Flakes…$1.00. C. E. Wylie, Proprietor.”

110 Years Ago

Get ready to dance: The big New Year’s dance will be given by the Warren Engine Company at the Armory Hall on December 31st. A “big feed” will be one of the features of entertainment for the evening. The music, and the new floor at the Armory, assures dancers everything needed in that line with the Warren’s as entertainers in an evening of pleasure. Money from the event benefits fire protection for property owners.

100 Years Ago

Wood alcohol: Reports from various cities throughout the east show that at least 242 have died from wood alcohol poisoning since prohibition went into effect. Scores have been stricken blind and other in serious condition. (New York). Carson City was more fortunate than two towns in Massachusetts. Over fifty deaths occurred in Massachusetts from the effects of liquor consumed to celebrate Christmas. The whiskey used in the eastern towns got its kick from wood alcohol while the whiskey consumed in Carson City was pure Sunnybrook.


150 Years Ago

Earthquake: About 12 o’clock a night shock sufficiently severe to awaken many sent the occupants of brick buildings into the streets.

140 Years Ago

Alfred Chartz: A reporter for the Morning Appeal went to the State Prison to see Alfred Chartz, who was sent to that institution for life. Chartz prefers to be let alone by reporters unless they can render some service to him. He is a very unhappy man who deplores the loss of liberty and the society of his family.

130 Years Ago

Nevada for the year: The bullion yield was about $8 million. There was a terrible drought last summer, which resulted in a stoppage of the stamp mills on the Carson river. The discovery of a large vein of gold bearing ore in the Jeanna mine, in Robinson district, White Pine county and development of gold-bearing gravel beds attracted a large immigration to that locality.

120 Years Ago

Mme. Emma Nevada: A reckoning point in the history of musical matters is desirous that as large an audience as possible greet the great singer. Mr. Kraus of McKissick’s opera house said he would hold a block of good seats for the up country people. Mr. Yerington agreed to run a special train from the Comstock and Carson provided a sufficient number of tickets could be sold.

110 Years Ago

Airships important: Airships are preservers of international peace in time of war. This will be demonstrated by a night attack of dirigibles on a government vessel off the harbor during the Los Angeles aviation events.

100 Years Ago

Wishes for the New Year (in part) by Frances R. Habergal

New mercies, new blessings, new light on thy way;

New courage, new hope, a new strength for each day;

New notes of thanksgiving, new chords of delight…

New gleams of the glory that awaits thee above…

All these be Thy Joys of the Glorious New Year.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan.


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