Note from the NNBV Publisher: February 2019

Dawn Gowery

Dawn Gowery

RENO, Nev. — Workforce development, technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) and future advancements in technology are all hot topics right now — especially when it comes to how technological advancements have impacted the growth of Northern Nevada.

Workforce readiness is the key factor in making use of these growth opportunities. Do we have the talent we need here in Northern Nevada? Or, must we be prepared to recruit from outside of our area?

These are critical questions to assess. Obviously, a combination of both makes good business sense. And above all, a focus on training and/or re-training our existing workforce must be undertaken and explored.

Other states have used this strategy successfully — by way of trade institutions and other appropriate organizations identifying specific needs of local businesses, manufacturers and start-ups in their region, and then creating training programs that offer job-ready certificates.

Last week, I met with the Reno Technology Academy, an organization that interfaces with local IT sectors and manufacturing companies. The academy offers solutions to our skilled labor shortage by creating training programs and certifications in cybersecurity and the Internet of Things, bridging the labor shortage gap by training students here locally in Northern Nevada.

I also met the director of Nevada Industry Excellence, the role of which is to provide Nevada industries with the resources needed to improve performance across industries.

These are Nevadans working to help Nevada find timely solutions for workforce readiness issues. Going forward, I plan to continue to meet with local organizations whose focus is to solve our growing needs effectively with relevant technological training.

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You never know when an executive has a need and your business is front and center ready to provide them with a solution.

Thank you for your business, your readership and your support!

Respectfully yours,

Dawn Gowery

Publisher, Northern Nevada Business View


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