The Popcorn Stand: Some (late), (weird) Valentine’s gift ideas

I know I’m way late with this (and yes the HalloThanksMas season is just about 6 1/2 months away since the season now begins in mid-August) but Huffington Post has presented some weird gift ideas for Valentine’s Day even though it’s coming up in only about two weeks.

I don’t know why Huffington Post waited so long. I’m also getting impatient waiting for McDonald’s to start serving their Shamrock Shakes. I mean it’s already late January, what is McDonald’s waiting for?

Anyway I don’t think it’s such a great idea to give your loved one a weird gift on Valentine’s Day. My advice would be to stick with the classics. Chocolates, flowers and jewelry. But if you insist on trying to give your loved one a unique gift here’s some ideas:

A six-foot giant gummy python. Like I said I think chocolate makes way more sense.

A mobile phone teeth whitener, a tooth whitening device that hooks up to your phone. I have enough trouble bringing my charger with me just to keep my phone charged, I don’t need something like this.

A purse shaped like a bloody butcher knife. Now that’s really romantic.

And what says romance like a Jack Links Beef Jerky Valentine’s Package. Again, I’ll stick with the chocolate strawberries.

A Super Mario Lounging outfit which looks as ridiculous as Super Mario in the video game.

The Shed Defender, a jump suit that entirely covers a dog so it doesn’t shed. Tuf Tuf (you know Sir Tuffington something or other) the Jack Russell could actually use this as he sheds. (I told you I use any excuse I can to mention my dogs in this Popcorn Stand). Although I have idea how I would ever get this jump suit on Tuf Tuf. And my other dog Pete the Shih Tzu doesn’t shed.

The best of the weird gift ideas presented by Huffington Post is a Elvis Dachshund Figurine, which is actually pretty cool and really cute. The absolute worst gift idea in the history of mankind on this list is the Jersey Shore Family Vacation Board Game.

For the complete list go to this link:


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