Reno-based Barnard Vogler & Co. celebrates 50 years in business

From left, David Schaper, Leslie Daane, Teela McCullar, Mike Davis and Dick Barnard inside the Barnard Vogler & Co. offices in Reno.

From left, David Schaper, Leslie Daane, Teela McCullar, Mike Davis and Dick Barnard inside the Barnard Vogler & Co. offices in Reno.

RENO, Nev. — Barnard Vogler & Co., a widely recognized name in Northern Nevada, is celebrating its 50th year in practice.

The certified public accounting firm was started by Dick Barnard in 1969, when he purchased a small public accounting firm from Sal Foderaro.

Barnard had moved to Reno with his family in 1966 and had worked for a national CPA firm in Oakland, California. He and his wife were looking to raise their family in a smaller town, similar to the town where he grew up.

Barnard's first office was a second story walk up around West Fourth Street and Ralston, complete with a front door donning his hand painted name on the window.

When he started the firm, it was just himself and a receptionist who he had inherited with the practice. Her name was Betty Vogler. Vogler was about 20 years old when Barnard purchased the practice and had previously worked for Foderaro.

Barnard describes Betty as “the fastest (person) he had ever seen on the calculator.”

Prior to selling Barnard the firm, Foderaro asked that he take care of Vogler and made him promise to give her at least a nickel raise each year. Barnard quickly saw what an asset Vogler was to his business, how intelligent she was and raised that nickel bar a bit higher.

He told Vogler if she wanted to get an accounting degree and become a CPA, if she arranged her courses, he would pay her tuition.

Dick Barnard established the company in 1969.

Vogler attended night classes at University of Nevada, Reno, maintained her employment and graduated top of her class. Barnard invited Vogler to become a partner in 1978. Vogler would call the firm home for the next few decades until retirement.

As the firm expanded, Barnard Vogler & Co. has called many iconic buildings in downtown Reno home. After the small office at Fourth and Ralston, the firm moved to the 7th floor of the building now occupied by the City of Reno.

From there, the firm moved to the First American Title building. In the early 1980s, Barnard relocated the firm to 350 S. Center Street, across from the library, before settling in their current space, in the Museum Tower at 100 West Liberty, in 2001.

In the 1980s, Barnard added another partner, Pat Davis, who had worked for Barnard since the 1970s.

Prior to her work at Barnard Vogler & Co., she was one of the first women to be hired by Pricewaterhouse in San Francisco. When her son, Mike Davis, graduated from college, he also joined Barnard Vogler & Co.

In 1990, Barnard Vogler & Co. bought out the Reno office of a national firm and merged the two practices. An obvious standout at that time was Leslie Daane, who showed incredible work ethic and rose rapidly in the firm.

In 2000, Barnard wanted to sell the practice, and Daane and Mike Davis were the stand out candidates to purchase the firm. Barnard continued to be active in the firm prior to fully retiring as a CPA in 2017.

Today, Daane, Davis, Teela McCullar and David Schaper manage the firm. Together they lead a staff of 15.

The firm specializes in tax services, accounting and auditing, business consulting and trust and estate services. Barnard Vogler & Co. has dedicated themselves to the personal success of their employees, clients and the community.

The firm believes in offering professional expertise, with the utmost honesty and respect. As they celebrate 50 years of a historical past, Barnard Vogler & Co. is looking forward to the future as their newest generation leads the way.

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