Letters to the Editor for June 29, 2019

Immigration laws should be adhered to, not ignored when convenient

I have a couple of suggestions for Mike Jones and anyone that might agree with his letter on June 22 (“Government’s failure to act on immigration policies makes them complicit”) about all the poor noncitizens including all those that encouraged the uninvited immigrants to come here on their own.

You should all get together and start writing checks for the costs involved and/or move to whatever country you are pledging allegiance to.

We didn’t ask them to bring their kids here, nor should anyone here be forced to subsidize this misguided attitude, either. The Bible was referring to their own desert, not ours.

We have federal immigration laws that have worked for many years when applied and not notoriously ignored by leadership that should also join him on his trip also. Shame on us.

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City

Bureaucratic Catch-22 with new mandatory waste program

Dear Mayor and Supervisors,

We have just returned from talking to Waste Management and Public Works about obtaining an exemption from the new mandatory waste removal program.

It appears that the exemption requirement is based on a false premise that all Carson residents generate sufficient solid waste to require monthly collection, whether by Waste Management or monthly trips to the landfill. For us, and we suspect for other small or single families, this just is not true.

In our 40 years of living in Carson City, we do aggressive recycling. We compost all vegetable waste in a composter we obtained years ago from Public Works. We chip and shred vegetation cuttings on our acre lot and compost them to create garden mulch. Approximately every other month, we take cardboard, plastic, tin and glass to the recycling bins at Waste Management. We take aluminum cans approximately every three months to commercial recyclers. We take the small remainder of our solid waste, including used vehicle oil, antifreeze and frozen meat and grease waste to the very efficient Carson City landfill about three times a year.

So, we simply do not generate sufficient solid waste to warrant weekly collection by Waste Management, nor to make monthly trips to the landfill to produce receipts Waste Management requires to obtain an exemption from the mandatory program.

Unless there is a more reasonable exemption process, you have left us with two nonsensical options: Pay Waste Management $211.08 per year for a weekly service we do not need. Most weeks, there would be nothing for them to pick up.

Jon Nowlin

Carson City


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