Letters to the Editor for March 6, 2019

What will be next?

A bill was presented to the Senate regarding the legalization of terminating the life of a born child after a failed attempt of abortion. The bill would have made this practice illegal. Sadly, the bill did not pass. The Democrats in the Senate voted against the bill. This means it will remain a legal practice to kill a child that has been carried to full term and born into this world. Please know, I do not use the word “kill” lightly. Pro-life started with the question of at what point considered a viable life. We went from 6 weeks old to now where full-term, new born babies are terminated legally. What will be next? After four months or beyond a mother finds her child to have severe disabilities and decide to terminate its life and be able to legally do so. What happened to the Hippocratic oath? “To do no harm.” With strong maternal instincts and a pro-life person myself, it is not even abortion we are talking about here. This is a life that has been born and let’s be honest and call it what it is. It’s infanticide! I cannot understand how this can go on. We are born creatures of conscience. How can we allow this to continue. This is nothing short of murder. The same party that is against separating children from parents at the border and are open to allowing slews of criminals, drugs and human trafficking to continue are the same people voting against the rights of a child to live. I don’t get it! Our brave men and women fight for our freedom with thousands giving up their own lives and we can’t protect the rights of our most vulnerable and innocent. I can’t even find a single argument that justifies what is happening. The agenda and policies of the left — which I once was — scare me, and if you are truly paying attention, it should scare you, too.

Kimberly Carter

Carson City

Reader comments on 2019 Oscars

An open letter to the spoiled brat Spike Lee.

You lost. Grow up and get over it!

John Frink

Carson City

Bill would forfeit Nevada’s influence to larger states

The Nevada Legislature is considering a bill that would award our electoral votes automatically to the winner of the national popular vote. So, if the people of Nevada vote for Candidate A but the national popular vote favors Candidate B, Nevada will go against the will of our citizens and award the electoral votes to Candidate B. Regardless of your political party, why would you negate the will of our residents? Our influence as a small state comes from our electoral votes. Why would we give up what influence we have to California, Texas and New York? Please encourage your representatives to vote against this nonsensical bill (AB186).

Larry Messina

Carson City

Irresponsible humans leading cause for litter

There have been several “guest” columns recently in the Appeal regarding plastic waste in the oceans of the world. The overarching message of the columns is that we need to ban plastic straws, bags, bottles, etc., etc. from use in the United States. Of course, the authors leave out the fact that according to Earthday.org, the U.S. is ranked 20th on a list they compiled of countries guilty of ocean waste pollution. The top six polluters are all Southeast Asian countries along with the top polluter, China. The main thing the authors of the columns leave out of their message is that the top reason for the excessive litter in this country and in Carson City is lazy, irresponsible and inconsiderate human beings. This has nothing to do with what type of containers used to hold food, clothing or other consumer goods. It has to do with human beings not properly disposing of trash. Banning plastic isn’t going to eliminate excessive trash but responsible humans can. Unfortunately, the irresponsible humans outnumber the responsible humans. Sad but true.

David Knighton

Carson City

Celebrate Hannaman during Women’s History Month


RE: Celebrating Carson City’s women during Women’s History Month

And let’s not forget to celebrate the author of the article, Ronni Hannaman, herself, Executive Director of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce!

Didi Chaney


Left-wing hypocrisy as usual


Let’s see if I have this right. There is a drug cocktail for assisting a suicide for people with a terminal illness that will give them a peaceful death but apparently doesn’t work for death row inmates? Maybe the libs should do a packaged bill! They would end the death penalty (cruel), allow late-term abortion (not cruel), assist suicide (peaceful death) — unbelievable!

And kudos to Tom Ruhoff for his answer to Mr. O’Neill’s question about Christians. (Feb. 27)

James Moore

Carson City

Virginia student seeks help for school project

Dear People of the Great State of Nevada,

Hello! I am a third-grade student in Northern Virginia. In third grade, we do state projects, and I have chosen your state! I am very excited to learn more about the great state of Nevada as I work on my project.

Some of the information that we get for our projects will be from books and websites, but the best information is from the people who live in each state. This is why I am writing to you. I am hoping that you would be willing to send me some items to help me learn more about the best things in your state. It could be things like postcards, maps, pictures, souvenirs, general information, this newspaper article or any other items that would be useful.

You can mail items to the address below. I really appreciate your help!

Sincerely, Jackson

Ms. Lyons’ Class

The Langley School

1411 Balls Hill Road

McLean, Va. 22101


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