Letters to the Editor for February 29, 2020

What will Carson City be like in 10 years?

Who actually knows? But here’s what I would love to see:

Carson City is the best small city in the American West where people love to live, work and play while entertaining tourists from all over the world. Carson City residents are proud of our rich heritage and want to build for the future, balancing resources and amenities for every family including adequate open spaces, recreational opportunities and living space for Carson City families to raise their children safely while also meeting the needs of our growing senior community.

Carson City desperately needs an updated city-wide Master Land Use Plan that will apply the latest innovative planning techniques that are emerging across the country to help Carson City produce an orderly blend of residential and commercial properties while preserving the beauty and culture of Carson City and its status as the state capital of Nevada.

I would like to hear from a wide range of Carson City residents about your thoughts and ideas for the future of Carson City that allows us to grow and prosper while still honoring our history and rich hometown culture. We can do both. You can reach me at nevadamax@usa.com.

Maxine Nietz

Carson City

God bless Mr. William Curry

It is with great pleasure for me to comment on your article in the Wednesday Appeal re: Army Air Force veteran Mr. William Curry (“A military man serving in 3 wars,” Feb. 19). It was such a joy to read of this fine gentleman.

I am an elderly lady, born just as World War II was breaking out and the Great Depression. All my male relatives were in the war in different services and I and my cousins used to listen (secretly, of course) of their stories when they began returning home. I was reared to be a proud American born in the USA and raised my children the same. I, therefore, feel all the pride Mr. Curry portrayed. I have two grandsons who served in Iraq. My thanks to you for printing the article such as of Mr. Curry. God bless Mr. Curry, your paper and the USA!

Lorene Lakin Blanco

Carson City

Remember what communism is

Since Nevada voted overwhelmingly in the Feb. 22 Nevada caucus for Bernie Sanders, I thought you should print a reminder of what communism is. Don’t for a moment think Democratic socialism Sen. Bernie Sanders espouses isn’t a deadly form of communism.

The following was taken from “Churchill” by Andrew Roberts, page 256:

“Of all the Tyrannies in the World, the Bolshevik Tyranny is the Worst”

“Shortly after WWI ended in Nov. 2018, Winston Churchill said, ‘Of all the tyrannies in history, the Bolshevik tyranny is the worst, the most destructive, the most degrading ... far worse than German militarism.’ Churchill went on to describe the Russian Revolution as ‘a tide of ruin in which perhaps a score of millions of human beings have been engulfed. The consequences of these events ... will darken the world for our children’s children.’ In July 1920 he said, ‘My hatred of bolshevism and Bolsheviks is not founded on their silly system of economics or their absurd doctrine of an impossible equality. It arises from the bloody and devastating terrorism which they practise in every land into which they have broken, and by which their criminal regime can be maintained.’ ”

Kathleen Sliter


Conservative message remains clear

Throughout the last three years of political turmoil, liberals have mischaracterized conservative views and the U.S. Constitution. It seems the conservative opposition missed the point of America. In fact, the conservative position on nearly all the issues can be summed up in three words: “Leave me alone.”

This idea is the foundation of the American Revolution, brought to us war with Germany and Japan, made the Cold War necessary, the war on terror and many other confrontations between our Constitution and its opponents. Internally, these words sum up the Bill of Rights. Freedom of speech, assembly, trial by jury, ownership of weapons, etc. all shout to the government, “Leave us alone!” From the American frontier to the Tea Party revolt, “Leave me alone” is the center of American freedom.

Liberals can’t leave others alone. In reaching for total control, they will grasp revolt at the ballot box and, if necessary, on the battlefield. The liberals do not get it. Leave me alone!

Alan Dale Daniel



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