The Popcorn Stand: Cow apparently craves Chick-fil-A

Now this is absolutely awesome. It’s right up there with the camels running loose through neighborhoods although they apparently didn’t do it on their favorite day, Wednesday, Hump Day.

But my fascination with animals running loose continued to be peaked when this arguably weirdest example of life imitating art actually happened. An escaped cow in New Jersey was caught on video running to a Chick-fil-a restaurant.

Anyone who watches college football as I do knows how cows are trying to save themselves by interrupting college football games, beseeching (I’ve always wanted to use that word) people to eat more chicken in those Chick-fil-A commercials. I have no idea how Chick-Fil-A knows that cows apparently can’t spell as they beseech (I love that word) people to eat “Chikin.”

This cow apparently decided to take matters into his own hands (or is it hoofs?) and ran through busy roads to get to the Chick-fil-a. And apparently the cow gets a healthy diet — maybe even of chicken — because he was able to dodge police while running through a busy road to get to the Chick-fil-a.

Alas the cow was taken away unsatisfied as he was loaded back into a transport trailer before he could take part in some Chick-fil-a.

Now if a camel would just find his way into a GEICO office. On a Wednesday.

— Charles Whisnand


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