The Popcorn Stand: UCF beats Duke 76-77

Those of you who aren’t into sports can skip today’s Popcorn Stand. Those of you who choose to read this Popcorn Stand and are into sports know I feel the same way about Duke basketball as I do about Alabama football.

So let me just point out Duke is the luckiest team...EVER! The only satisfaction I get from UCF’s would’ve should’ve could’ve near upset of Duke is Duke fans are spending all week defending themselves against people like me on the tubes who are pointing out how lucky the Blue Devils are, how UCF should’ve won the game, no, how it DESERVED to win the game, and even with all the luck the Blue Devils had, UCF still had to be robbed for them to win the game. At least that’s how I objectively see it.

First the UCF player mishandles a sure dunk off an alley oop pass that would’ve given the Knights a 76-70 lead. At that point it would’ve been game over.

I will admit Zion Williamson is going to be the next LeBron James because he knows how to lower his shoulder like LeBron James. Williamson lowers his shoulder to send UCF’s B.J. Taylor sprawling — a move I’m sure he’s gotten away with a million times at Duke and will get away with like James a million more times in the NBA — to score the basket to bring Duke to within 76-75. At least that’s how I objectively see it.

On the play UCF’s Tacko Fall jumps straight up in the air, but of course it’s Duke, so a foul is called against Fall. Most objective observers like me actually believed it was a charge against Williamson.

Williamson misses the free throw but R.J. Barrett pushes off to get the rebound, no foul is called, and Barrett scores what turns out to be the winning basket, giving Duke a 77-76 lead.

I saw a perfect headline that stated: “Barrett pushes Duke to win.”

But Duke still needs to be bailed out because B.J. Taylor is hammered taking the basketball to the basket on UCF’s ensuing possession (at least that’s how I objectively saw it) — but because his name isn’t Zion or LeBron — no foul is called. Aubrey Dawkins, though appears to restore justice, with an amazing tip, but somehow the basketball doesn’t go in and Duke escapes with the win.

My headline: UCF beats Duke 76-77!

— Charles Whisnand


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