The Popcorn Stand: ‘Times’ for a promposal

It’s that time of year again. Actually it’s been that time of year again for a while. You can’t just ask a girl (or a guy) to the prom anymore. For the past few years, teenagers in this traditional rite of passage, have been coming up with the most creative ways possible to ask the one they want to go to the prom.

“Promposals” have become a major production for teens and seem to become bigger and bigger every year. Kyle Gelber may have topped them all. Until the next promposal that tops them all.

For Gelber it was time to start spreading the news who he wanted as his date to the prom. And there was a pretty good chance his prospective date was going to see the promposal since it was made in a place that never sleeps.

Gelber, a senior at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, used the Times Square billboard to a ask junior Phoebe Spar to go to the prom. I guess Gelber figured if he could ask Spar to the prom there he could ask her anywhere.

Gelber said his father is friends with a chief executive officer involved in the Times Square billboard, who arranged for him to use the billboard. We’re happy to report Spar said yes.

I’m sure Gelber’s little town blues melted away once Spar said yes. I have to admit I’m pretty impressed with Gelber and think he’s pretty cool for using Times Square to ask Spar to the prom.

So here’s to Gelber, who’s taking his vagabond shoes, to escort Spar to the prom.

— Charles Whisnand


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