The Popcorn Stand: Promposal better than accidental text

The Old Fuddy Duddy continues to have trouble keeping up with what’s hot, trendy, hip or fleek or whatever you want to call it.

So much so, another prom season has come and gone so I’m late when it comes to writing about asking someone to the prom. Oh no that’s not good enough any more it’s got to be some elaborate production, a “Promposal” if you will.

To be honest I actually learned about the Promposal trend a few weeks ago when I watched one of my favorite shows, “The Middle” when Frankie made it aware to her son Brick that just proposing to his girlfriend wasn’t good enough; he had to stage a “Promposal.”

Of course I guess that’s much better than what the Millennial/Generation Z set did just a few years ago when apparently it was considered OK to ask someone to the prom by text, which Brick’s older brother, Axl, did in the Middle when he was in high school.

Axl got what he deserved. He asked the wrong girl out by text by accident and it wasn’t meant to be the “intentional accidental text” depicted on another one of my favorite shows “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” it was by accident.

Anyway I thought it was creepy when one teenager faked his own birth and said “I was born to take you to the prom” to the young girl, who said yes.

Another teenage boy I saw did some kind of flash dance with umbrellas for his “Promposal.” I thought flash dancing was so 2010?

As us Old Fuddy Duddys say, “These kids today, whaddya gonna do?”


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