Amid new ownership, changes begin at historic David Walley's Resort

GENOA, Nev. — The new owners of David Walley's Resort are planning several improvements to the resort, and are also making some changes to services they offer.

Day spa services, including in-spa massages and facials, will be discontinued this week.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Inc. took over operation of the historic resort, located at 2001 Foothill Road in Genoa, earlier this year.

“We've evaluated the business demand and will be discontinuing certain day spa services traditionally offered to the community, including in-spa massages and facials,” Ashley Fraboni said in an email to The Record-Courier last week. “Resort guests may schedule and purchase in-suite massages provided by independent massage therapy professionals.”

Fraboni said the resort has several upgrades planned to the resort's life safety systems, parking lots, sidewalk surfaces, exterior lighting, swimming pool and parts of the restaurant and saloon.

"The guest rooms will receive an extensive interior renovation starting in 2020,” she said.

The 1862 David Walley's water tank stands at the resort just outside of Genoa on Thursday, Sept. 12.

Fraboni recognized the historic nature of the resort, which opened in 1862 — and is often called 1862 David Walley's Resort — and was a welcome respite to travelers heading from California to the Comstock.

“The historic hot spring pools are a vital piece of local heritage and a loved amenity for the community and the owners and guests of the resort,” she said. “We are committed to preserving and enhancing the springs experience.”

She said there has already been work done on the pools, decks, and locker rooms already completed.

“Other planned improvements include a new convenience market opening by year end,” Fraboni said.

Walley's was originally built in 1862 by David and Harriet Walley.

Management of the resort was transferred to Orange Lake Resorts on Jan. 7, after the initial sale was announced in November 2018. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The company's name was changed to Holiday Inn Club Vacations Inc. on Aug. 19.

The company purchased Walley's from Summer Winds Resorts, which had owned it since 2010.

Walley's was originally built in 1862 by David and Harriet Walley. After David Walley's death in 1875, his widow continued to operate the resort as Genoa Hot Springs in 1876 and later as Walley's.

Harriet Walley died in 1896, and the resort was sold to John and Richard Raycraft for $5,000. Jane Raycraft and husband James Campbell later purchased the resort and operated it until 1905.

In 1910, Clarence Burton purchased Walley's for $19,000 in gold coins. It prospered through various owners until the 1920s, when fire took all but the stone cellar, one building and a few cabins.


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