Letters to the Editor for February 8, 2020

Petty attitudes shown at State of the Union

Way to be petty, Nancy Pelosi! I refer, of course, to the Speaker of the House of Representatives ripping up her copy of the State of the Union speech given by President Trump. While watching the speech, it struck me how many times the majority of Democrats sat silently without clapping for things that were outlined in the speech that benefited all Americans, even Democrats. Politics, by their very nature, are partisan, but Ms. Pelosi’s petulant display really took things to a new level. Democrats complain about how President Trump acts and yet she showed that they are not the adults in the room, either. As a non-partisan voter (previously while living in San Diego an independent), I have been watching as those seeking the Democrat nomination for President lay out their vision for the future of this country. Sadly, they seem intent on moving the country backwards instead of looking to improve the direction we have been going the past three years. Last night, Speaker Nancy Pelosi convinced me to vote for the re-election of President Trump. Way to be petty, Ms. Pelosi!

David Knighton

Carson City

Caucus process does little to educate public on candidates

Wow, the Iowa caucus. Who started this stupid method of selecting candidates? The few hundred or thousands disenfranchise the majority of voters in the party. The caucus is an insane, noise-filled room of screamers, many of whom know little or nothing about the candidates other than those who have had big ads on TV. I know from experience and found it the stupidest meeting I have ever attended. God help the United States. And that’s my opinion.

Bob Hilderbrand

Carson City

Democracy dies with Trump’s acquittal

Democracy died today in the Divided States of America. More to the point, it was murdered by a maniacal misogynist, his first mate Moscow Mitch McConnell and the spineless Republican Party. All are accessories to this crime scene, putting party and personal power above the people who have witnessed their crimes, in full view. Despite overwhelming facts and evidence, they refused witnesses and documents to secure a sham trial and make a mockery of their oaths. Choosing autocracy over democracy. Lies over truth. Treasonous...disgusting...sickening.

What’s that, you say? The ballot box? But you just acquitted a scofflaw who got caught trying to cheat at the ballot box. And he will do it over and over again because you said it was OK. The ballot box? Who are you kidding? How many Americans have you removed from the voting rolls by your systematic suppression of citizens’ voting rights not of your party? Your undeniable commitment to cheating and denying fair elections in this country is right out in the open for all to see. The GOP ... Greed Over People. How sad. In a sick twist of Superman’s pledge, far too many of you all stand for “Untruth, Unjustice and the Russian Way.”

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City

Senate Democrats’ lack of consideration of offenses during trial was shameful

All those bemoaning the lack of witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial and lamenting Donald J. Trump’s eventual acquittal should revisit the Democrats’ shameful behavior in the House. If there were truly a case for impeachment, there would have had no reason to deny the President due process.

All politicians pursue policies that enhance their prospects for reelection. In this, the President is not unique. Does anyone doubt that which is good for the country is good for the President? Are we to believe that the President’s domestic and foreign policy achievements are an abuse of power simply because they enhance his prospects for reelection?

On its face, Article 1 is absurdly vague and indefensible. Article 2 lacks any credible rationale and is contrary to 230 years legal precedence. Both are dripping with partisan rancor and hyperbole.

I submit, that investigating corruption and election interference is in our national interest. Credible allegations of malfeasance must be investigated lest we devolve into a two-tiered system of justice. The left’s current mantra is “No one is above the law.” Presumably, this includes presidential candidates.

Without the cooperation and coordination of our allies, conducting foreign policy would be virtually impossible. So, requesting assistance with national security risks is not unusual, nor is it a crime. Postponing aid amid valid misconduct and corruption concerns, is not only fiscally prudent, it, too, is not a crime. So what then was the basis for impeachment?

Bill Clinton was impeached for actual crimes: perjury and obstructing justice. Yet, oddly enough, Senate Democrats did not consider these impeachable offenses.

History will not be kind to those who dishonor their oath, abuse their position and pervert the rule of law for partisan political purpose.

Mike Rodgick

Carson City

Kilmore’s poetry continues to have impact

The Rose — just as lovely as the “Tree.” “I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree,” as the opening words of that most famous poem “Trees” composed by late poet Joyce Kilmore — that just when I thought I, myself, would never see a poem lovely as a tree — just then,

“Outside my kitchen window pane

Besprinkled with wee drops of a pristine rain,

‘Twas the radiant fulness of a red, red rose

On sturdy stem in bright repose —

So with the poet T. Kilmore —

And I pray that this doesn’t make him sore —

Since I, myself, have viewed with glee

A rose, by name, much like his Tree.

Thane Cornell

Carson City


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