Letters to the Editor for May 18, 2019

Thank Supes for improved roads

The completion of Interstate 580 improved Carson City. Reducing downtown Carson Street to two lanes made our city beautiful and the reduction of South Carson Street to four lanes will also beautify Carson City and neither of these changes will hurt traffic flow.

The state is paying for repaving South Carson Street because it is worn out from when it was Highway 395 before I-580 was complete, so the city isn’t wasting money.

You can thank Brad Bonkowski, Karen Aboud and the rest of Carson City’s progressive thinking and intelligent supervisors for how they have made Carson City a great town.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City

Proper grammar matters in columns

Dear Editor:

It’s a sad day when even the rules of grammar are abused to score some sort of inane political point.

Guy Farmer misused a noun for an adjective by writing “Democrat” instead of “Democratic.” I know it’s supposed to be some sort of perjorative even though I don’t get it. If I were to refer to Mr. Farmer as the “column Guy Farmer” instead of the “columnist Guy Farmer,” I’m certain I would come off as stupid and the insult falls on me and not Mr. Farmer.


Linden Tremain



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