New Nevada business offers moped, motorcycle rentals

Rolling Freedom offers different types of motorcycle and moped rentals.

Rolling Freedom offers different types of motorcycle and moped rentals. Photo: Mike Peron

Matt Beaghley is an avid motorcyclist and Sina Beaghley loves feeling the air in her face from the back of the bike.

So, when they moved to Lake Tahoe from San Diego last year, they were excited to rent bikes locally to explore the basin.

They were shocked to find that not only was there nowhere in the basin to rent motorcycles, they also couldn’t find any rentals in Reno, Carson City or Sacramento.

Thus, earlier this year the duo launched Rolling Freedom Motorcycles Lake Tahoe, a new business located on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe’s South Shore.

Rolling Freedom offers different types of motorcycle rentals. They have several Harley Davidsons for people who want the cruiser experience, and they also offer Triumphs and Ducatis for those who want the adventure rides.

In addition to motorcycle rentals, they also have mopeds, electric bikes and a slingshot.

Matt Beaghley and Sina Beaghley launched Rolling Freedom Motorcycles Lake Tahoe earlier this year. Photo: Laney Griffo


“[Sina] doesn’t have a motorcycle license and we wanted to make the business accessible for people who have them and don’t have them,” Matt said. “We want the wind in the air kind of feeling.”

The slingshot is a three-wheeled motorcycle, with two wheels in the front and one in the back. It’s open-aired, low to the ground and resembles the Batmobile (Sina said they purposely choose black to look more like Batman’s famous ride).

“It drives like a car but feels like a motorcycle,” Matt said.

Sina, who said she doesn’t not trust herself on a motorcycle, drove the slingshot from San Diego to Lake Tahoe and had a blast.

Rolling Freedom is giving people the opportunity to experience Tahoe in another way, Matt said.

“Without being out in nature on a trail, you’re as close as you can be to it,” he said. “You’re feeling the coolness, you’re feeling the heat, you’re the altitude, you’re feeling everything that it is.”

Sina also said these options give people the opportunity to go farther and see more.

“There’s Lake Tahoe but that’s not the only thing around here. There is some of the most beautiful riding in the area around here,” Matt said, mentioning a trip they took to Markleeville last fall while the leaves were changing colors.

While Rolling Freedom wants to give people a great experience, they also want to give back. Matt is a veteran and Sina was a civil servant for the U.S. government that was deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Rolling Freedom Motorcycles Lake Tahoe will donate a portion of our proceeds proudly in support Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, a nonprofit organization that provides military veteran warriors with quality-of-life items, support services and transitional housing designed to assist them and their families during recovery,” Sina said.

Rolling Freedom Motorcycles Lake Tahoe is located at 152 U.S. Highway 50 in Stateline, Nevada. The business will begin taking reservations in May. They offer half day, full day and 24-hour rentals; prices vary.

This story was first published April 3 by the Tahoe Daily Tribune and is republished here with permission.


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