Reno-based nutraceutical company launches

From left, local doctors Sean Devlin, Ann Barnet and Laning Andrews are co-founders of the company.

From left, local doctors Sean Devlin, Ann Barnet and Laning Andrews are co-founders of the company. Courtesy Photo

Lig & Ceptor, a Reno-based nutraceutical company that bills itself as “producing natural, safe, effective alternative medicine for all people,” officially launched earlier this year.

The physician-founded company, which has been in development since spring 2019, says it produces science-based natural medicines and products to treat chronic illnesses.

All its formulas have a Cannabidiol (CBD) backbone, according to a Jan. 26 press release.

“How can we evolve medicine in a way that makes it better for all and could even make all of us better? As integrative physicians on the front lines of healthcare, we ask ourselves this question every day,” Sean Devlin, a Reno-based doctor and co-founder at Lig & Ceptor, said in a statement. “For the past year and a half our team has tirelessly endeavored to review and study the scientific literature from around the world in an effort to address some of the most pressing medical concerns of our time.

“After seeing firsthand both the benefits and shortcomings of modern-day pharmacology, we’ve made it our goal to provide safer and more effective alternatives.”

Local doctors Ann Barnet and Laning Andrews are also co-founders of the company, as well as Stacy Castillo formerly of Kynd Cannabis Company and Mynt Cannabis Dispensary.

The company is “committed to donating 2% of profits to supporting groups and initiatives that are having the biggest positive impact toward sustainable health for humans and planet earth,” according to the press release.

According to its website, the company’s name is derived from the Ligand/Receptor interaction at the cellular level, which is essentially the human body’s idea of a “lock and key" mechanism — the Ligand is an ion or molecule that binds to the Receptor to trigger a specific reaction.


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