Nonprofit Spotlight: High Sierra Industries’ X-treme Ability Challenge impacts community (sponsored)

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What do High Sierra Industries’ X-treme Ability Challenge (XAC) and its forthcoming Individual Assessment of Skills and Know-how (iASK) development system have in common? Both are designed to improve the lives of people with disabilities, and both will be part of this year’s XAC on October 9 – more on that later…

Individual Assessment of Skills and Know-how

After years in development, HSI is in the software pilot phase of an evidenced based Skills Measurement and Development system. This revolutionary online skills assessment tool creates a map for learners first identifying strengths and opportunities against a learner’s goals with recommendations for an achievable plan to reach those goals.

iASK can be a one time or lifetime tool to track a learner’s journey, measuring skills in a way that specifically identifies what skills people have and what skills they are missing so users can precisely and effectively teach. Every learner receives an outcome analysis and learning plan recommendations.

Key Characteristics of an Effective Evidenced-based Programs

iASK not only meets but exceeds these standards including:

  1. Applied
  2. Conceptually Systematic
  3. Technological
  4. Observed, behavioral
  5. Analytic
  6. Effective
  7. Generalizable to things that matter to the learner

Photo: High Sierra Industries


Of more than 100 assessment tools reviewed on the market, only a few — including iASK— meet all characteristics.

iASK Measures What Skills?

iASK Development Software practitioners deep dive into 571 specific skill “pinpoints,” in 8 domains:

  1. Pivotal Skills
  2. Movement
  3. Barriers to Growth
  4. Complex Verbal Behavior
  5. Committed Action
  6. Close Relationships
  7. Community Contact
  8. Self-care

Who can benefit from using iASK?

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Any learner, any age. Because iASK predominately uses a no ‘cap’ measurement process, any learner with a goal who wants to know more about what skills they have and those they must acquire to achieve those goals can benefit from an iASK development experience.

2021 X-treme Ability Challenge®

Last year, HSI hosted its iconic fundraiser, the X-treme Ability Challenge® as a hybrid event, part virtual and socially-distance small groups with no spectators. Similar for many businesses and even more challenging for nonprofits, it was a difficult year. We made the best of our circumstances and had support from our sponsors who gave whatever they could and stepped up to help us continue to serve people with disabilities in Northern Nevada.

We’re excited to announce that this year’s XAC is a “GO” as an in-person event. Mark your calendars and be our guest Saturday, October 9, 2021, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at HSI, 555 Reactor Way in Reno!

October is also National Disabilities Awareness Month; we look forward to raising proceeds that will help cover the costs of delivering our programs. Without your support the people we serve cannot receive valuable training and learner engagement. The XAC is a fun, informative way to create awareness of diversity and inclusion by recognizing the strengths and skills of people with disabilities, in a truly integrated event.

Photo: High Sierra Industries


About the XAC

Two teams of eight players go head-to-head in conducting a series of challenges through the lens of someone who experiences a disability. This relay-style race will text your dexterity, determination and patience. And, this year the course will have some new challenges, including one adapted from the iASK Development System!

The XAC is a family-friendly event that includes a Silent Auction & Raffle, Barbecue Tri-Tip Lunch (prepared by BJ’s Nevada Barbecue) and an activity area for children that will include hands-on arts and crafts led by our partner, Artful Play.

If you need assistance to access our event, please contact us at 775-829-7400. We might be able to assist you with a reasonable accommodation.

For more information about the XAC and to register your team, visit www.hsireno.com/xac. For more information about the iASK Development Software System, contact LaVonne Brooks at 775-771-2494.

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