Recharge energy and spirit at Keep Growing in Carson City

Keep Growing proprietor Sarah Longero-Durham poses with her healing plants in her new healing arts store at 403 N. Nevada St. in the heart of downtown Carson City. (Photo: Ronni Hannaman)

Keep Growing proprietor Sarah Longero-Durham poses with her healing plants in her new healing arts store at 403 N. Nevada St. in the heart of downtown Carson City. (Photo: Ronni Hannaman)

As you enter one of Carson’s newest small businesses, you will immediately feel less stressed as you take in the uncluttered surrounding where plants hold center stage, soothing music fills the air, a vaporizer sends up a continuous healing mist, and the amazing scent of home-made candles makes you just want to stop and take a deep breath as you survey your surroundings.

Welcome to Keep Growing, a seller of plants, an apothecary, and wellness boutique. Owned and operated by long-time Carsonite Sarah Longero-Durham, this beautiful woman will coach you how to re-center your mind, body, and soul through the use of beautiful living plants, special herbs, additives, teas, candles, and other natural products that have been time-tested to bring relief and good health all available inside this lovely store.

Longero-Durham strongly believes in the power of plants not only for the beauty they can bring to a home, office, or any indoor setting, but because of the healing properties of each and every plant providing fresh air while absorbing carbon monoxide. Each plant has been lovingly placed in pots made locally and are waiting to be adopted to a home where it will be loved and love in return.

Keep Growing is an interesting name.

“I wanted to create a space where I can coach people to adopt a more holistic way of living while giving back,” Longero-Durham said.

There are many ways to interpret the name — growing personally, growing plants, growing spiritually, growing healthier, growing mentally leaving all the negative vibes behind.

“My goal is to help my clients move or grow to a more holistic way of living,” she said.

As a former interior designer, Longero-Durham believes less is more stating “We clutter our lives with ‘things’ when we should be decorating with live plants that give back.”

She strongly advises we should “disconnect to connect” and spend less time scrolling on our electronic devices listening instead to our internal needs.

While Keep Growing specializes in all things holistic that can supplement our drinks and food to make us feel better and more healthy and fill our room with healing scents, she also espouses the use of crystal lights to calm the entire being. In the rear of the store is a calming room where one can chill out for 30-minutes on a crystal light therapy bed that is multi-sensory and mediative and may cleanse you of negative energy while raising your positive vibrations.

If you are missing that sense of joy in our currently angst-filled world, try the calming powder. The bath salts will remove any impurities while you relax in your tub enjoying healing tea and scented candles that “fill the soul.” There is deep thought behind every item displayed all with the goal to change your life for the better.

If you are feeling a bit out of sorts, stop in to breathe in the healing environment or experience the magic of healing light therapy. Take home a plant, buy the perfect gift created by a local artisan where part of the profits are contributed toward worthy causes.

As we celebrate National Small Business Week, we honor this fledging one-month old business and this wife and mother of two youngsters as she fulfills her dream to create a better life through the use of plants and coach us all to wellness.

The shop is located at 403 N. Nevada St. right on the corner of Nevada and Telegraph. Call 775-410-4664 or check out the website:


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