Washoe County Legal - 26446

On or after AUGUST 24, 2022 at 8:00AM, Milne Towing Services will auction to the highest
bidder(s) vehicles currently in storage at Milne Towing Services at 1700 Marietta Way, Sparks, NV,
89431 to satisfy a towing, repair or storage charge as provided in NRS 108.270-108.300 at the
address above. Online bids are also accepted through “ https://milnetowing.hibid.com “or by phone.
Milne Towing Services reserves the right to bid or refuse any bids
Some of the vehicles are listed below:
2009 Kia KNAGE228195305826 R/O,L/O-Elise Mia Martinez/Robert Carl Ramirez
2000 Hyundai KMHJF35F0YU946522 R/O,L/O-Rocio L Ramirez
2002 Oldsmobile 1GHDT13S022142488 R/O-Nastassia Jonique Montgomery/Adrian Damon
Sykes L/O-US Auto Title & Payday Loan SP
2001 Ford 1FMFU18L11LB73024 R/O-Dora Ann Collins/ Richard Lee Collins,
L/O-High Sierra Auto Sales
2001 Chevrolet 2G1WH55K719373823 R/O,L/O-Charles Edward Brown JR
1996 Ford 1FMDU34X0TZA23773 R/O,L/O-Stephanie Michelle Cope/ Calieb Errett Cope
2004 Hyundai KM8SC73E24U790427 R/O-Karen L Giancontieri/ Steven T Beard
L/O-Wells Fargo Auto Finance Inc
2003 Hyundai KMHDN55D13U099450 R/O,L/O-Cheryl Bryan/Eric Allen Webb
2004 Chevrolet 1G1ZT62824F153740 R/O,L/O-Anthony Henderson/ Dave O Motor CO/
Joserh Booth/Juanita Olmos/Tiayna Lang
2007 Mazda 1YVHP81C775M23073 R/O,L/O-David Paul Bouteiller/Michelle Anne Monte-Bouteiller
2001 Ford 1FMFU18L51LB18138 R/O,L/O- Luis Albertogomez Gomez
2001 Mazda 4F2YU06141KM57648 R/O,L/O-Jose Arturo Tinoco-Rosas
2017 Dodge Ram1C6RR7YT5HS546367 R/O- Brynn Knickmeyer
L/O-Unify Financial Credit Union/Western Federal Credit Union
2005 Nissan 1N6AD07W25C448553 R/O,L/O-Maria Guadalupe Lomeli-Carmona
2000 Subaru 4S3BH6658Y7670003 4S3BH6658Y7670003 R/O,L/O-Daniel Joseph Matlock
2004 Chevrolet 1GNEC13V24J146465 R/O,L/O-Jessica Dyann Esenberg/ Michael Kurt Esenberg
1993 Honda JHMCB757XPC040728 R/O,L/O-Donald Eugene Pflum
1997 Nissan JN8AR05Y9VW119960 R/O,L/O-Salvador Sanchez-Gonzalez
1998 Toyota JT2BG22K4W0140665 R/O,L/O-Jorge Luis Lopez-Lemus
2001 Lexus JTJGF10U610098701 R/O,L/O-Khiet Huynh
2001 Subaru4S3BH675117616854 R/O,L/O-Blake Garey Colin Lamphear
1963 Dodge 633048116885 R/O,L/O-Calif Univ
Pub Dates August 3, 10, 17, 2022 Ad #: 26446


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