People: ReNon George, Amanga Figoni new Realtors at Chase International

ReNon George

ReNon George Courtesy Photo

Chase International recently welcomed two more Realtors: ReNon George joined the luxury real estate firm’s Carson Valley office, and Amanga Figoni is the newest agent in the Sparks office.

George, who previously worked as a dental hygienist, has personally invested in real estate, buying and selling her own homes over the years, according to a Dec. 30 press release.

“I never walk away from a challenge. No matter how unique a situation may be, I will find the resources to accomplish the goal,” George said in a statement.

Amanga Figoni


In addition to working as a Realtor, Figoni also is a personal trainer and private business owner who is well-known to push the limits to achieve success, according to Chase.

“Emotions play a large part in the decision-making process. I take the time to listen, to care, and to offer my expertise to help my clients achieve their goals,” Figoni stated.


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