Grass Valley Auto purchases property in Winnemucca

As owners and managers of Grass Valley Auto Service in Winnemucca, Wyatt Hodge, Dan and Lisa Utterback made it their mission to ensure that their shop would offer expertise in a wide array of small auto repair and diagnoses rather than serving as a mere quick-lube station that would simply perform oil changes and send customers on their way.

“We like to say that our target demographic includes anyone who owns and operates a vehicle, with most of our customers local to the Winnemucca area as well as the occasional pass-through family in need of lube or repairs,” Hodge and Utterback said. “We’re proud to note that our small yet talented staff has the training and experience to handle all mechanical repairs, diesel or gas.”

With an eye on serving Winnemucca and the outlying region with a hometown feel, Grass Valley Auto Service has purchased its property at 1042 Grass Valley Road in Winnemucca in a transaction valued at $860,000.

Nevada State Development Corporation, the state’s largest provider of SBA 504 loans, facilitated the financing for the purchase with a low-interest SBA 504 loan in conjunction with Rural Nevada Development Corporation.

“As a startup business, Wyatt and the team at Grass Valley Auto Service have a goal of establishing long-term relationships with each of their clients, and this purchase should certainly help the shop serve their customers more effectively,” said Sandy Gordon, vice president/business development officer with Nevada State Development Corporation. “We were also pleased to work in tandem with Rural Nevada Development Corporation because it is deals like this that help stimulate the economy in all parts of Nevada.”

Grass Valley Auto Service’s comprehensive lube service includes:

Replacing the oil filter and verifying it is properly installed and sealed.

Cleaning the oil drain plug, checking seal and double checking to confirm plug is properly reinstalled and tightened.

Checking the belts and hoses and conducting a visual brake inspection.

Checking suspension including bushings, tie rods, control arms, ball joints, and stabilizer links.

Checking the tire pressure and tread condition, springs, shocks, struts and bulbs.

As a way of giving back to the community, Grass Valley Auto Service offers discounts on labor for active military and veterans who bring a military ID or VA card.

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