People: Patty Steelman, Monira West, Hollie Fraga join Sky West Real Estate Services

Patty Steelman

Patty Steelman

Sky West Real Estate Services introduces three real estate agents who bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and strong commitment to serving Reno’s real estate.

Patty Steelman has successfully grown her career in the real estate industry and has established a stellar track record in both commercial and residential development.

As a Carson City native and a Reno resident of 28 years, Steelman brings a unique perspective to the Nevada real estate market as a seasoned investor and broker salesperson.

Monira West is a go-getter with experience in negotiations, deal-making, and running teams inside the agency. She is a local expert with roots dating back to 1992.

Monira West


West’s experience, spanning over a decade in real estate provides valuable insights into the local market. She combines her passion for the community with her industry expertise to help clients navigate the complex world of commercial real estate.

Hollie Fraga began her real estate journey as an investor in 2010, managing her own rental properties. With nearly 8 years of experience as a Realtor, Fraga possesses drive, desire, and a unique determination that can be invaluable when making real estate decisions.

She approaches each deal with accuracy and attention to detail. Her insights into the investment side of the business set her apart and make her a trusted adviser for clients looking to diversify their commercial portfolios.

Monira West



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