Tips to scale your business

Sadie Fienberg

Sadie Fienberg

Invest in systems that help automate your process. Technology is an entrepreneur’s best friend – I have a system called HoneyBooks that I use to collect new client info, prepare contracts, send invoices, automate emails and see important analytics. It’s a life saver!

Practice giving and receiving feedback. You don’t have to agree with the advice you’re given but be grateful for it. Don’t try to figure everything out all at once. Burnout is a real problem for people who try too hard to do it all. Stay hungry and you’ll eventually learn the keys to success.

Depend on stakeholders with your best business interest in mind. Partner with a power team. Find experts in different fields to support you, for example, my team consists of a copywriter, a publicist, and an apparel/print team.

Always surround yourself with the best of the best. Be authentic. The right people will gravitate toward you and your brand.

Sadie Fienberg is a local designer, food blogger, podcaster and owner of Butterfly Creative Projects. Named by the Small Business Administration as " Nevada's Entrepreneur of the Year," Fienberg aims to provide useful tips to the region's growing business community. 


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