Carson candidates rake in $154,000 in campaign contributions

Candidates for Carson City public office have raked in around $154,000 in campaign contributions, according to reports filed Tuesday.

A handful of candidates, including mayoral candidate Tom Keeton, missed the Tuesday deadline to turn in their lists of contributions to their campaigns.

Candidates who miss the first of three deadlines to declare campaign contributions face a $50 fine every day for a week and a $100 a day fine after that.

Keeton said he didn't know he was supposed to file the contribution forms Tuesday.

"I'll go down tomorrow and do it," Keeton said.

He said he's spent $6,000 - all his own money - on the campaign.

The biggest coffers belong to District 40 Assemblywoman Bonnie Parnell with $41,423, Carson City justice of the peace candidates Robey Willis, with $35,951, and John Tatro, who is running unopposed, with $26,348 and mayoral candidate Tom Tatro with $26,899.

Candidates and a look at those who support them:

- Parnell has received about two and a half times more in contributions than her Republican opponent, Jeanne Simons.

Parnell listed about $39,220 in contributions over $100 and $2,203 in contributions less than $100. Parnell had about $11,950 saved from her last campaign. She's spent $24,636 to date on her bid at re-election. Parnell listed Sierra Pacific Power Co. and the Utility Shareholders Association of Nevada as donating $1,000 each.

Many contributions to Parnell's campaign came from out of state. Las Vegas sources including the Bellagio, $1,000; Park Place Entertainment, $2,000; Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, $500 and Richard Perkins Leadership 2000, $5,000.

- Simons listed her contributions at $16,503 with $475 coming from donations less than $100. She has spent $9,122 on her campaign. Her largest donation is $5,000 from the Republican Assembly Caucus, followed by the Committee to Elect Lynn Hettrick Assembly with $1,000.

- In the mayor's race, incumbent Ray Masayko raised $17,303. About $11,135 were contributions over $100 and he received 88 contributions under $100, which garnered him $6,168. About $3,000 of Masayko's contributions were received from members of the building community, such as Associated Builders with a $250 donation; Stanton Park Development with a $1,000 donation and Land Mark Homes Development and Eureka Builders with $500 each. Gov. Kenny and Dema Guinn kicked in $500 towards Masayko's campaign.

He's spent almost $8,000, mostly on advertising.

- Mayoral candidate Tom Tatro filed his report by certified mail saying he "found it to be more convenient." He has received almost $26,900 in contributions, $11,024 in contributions under $100. He has spent $13,892, almost all of that in advertising costs. Most of Tatro's contributions come from local friends including Steve and Nancy Hartman, $2,000; Ursula Carlson, $1,000 and Mark and Dorothy Palmer, $500. Local business Capitol Beverage donated $500; Gold Dust Commercial Associates, $250 and Landmark Homes, $500.

- Mayoral candidate Neil Weaver raised $14,832 for his campaign. Ron Weddell donated $1,000 to Weaver's campaign. He's spent $14,274 from his campaign money, mostly on advertising. Ted Contri, of Carson City, donated $2,000. Many contributions come from non-Carson City sources. Weaver Aircraft, Weaver's business, has donated $2,182 to the campaign and Weaver's wife, Yvon, donated $300.

- Ward 4 supervisor candidate Verne Horton has raised the least money of the three candidates with $4,040, with $314 in donations under $100. He has spent $3,312.

- Supervisor candidate Frank Sharp has received $13,135 in contributions, $1,425 from sources under $100. Sharp has spent $11,969 on his campaign.

- Supervisor candidate Richard Staub raised $18,380 for his campaign, $15,000 from his own pocket and $1,080 from sources under $100. He's spent $9,852 on the campaign. His brother, John Staub, donated $500.

- Willis, incumbent justice of the peace candidate for department 1, raised $35,951, $11,759 in contributions under $100. Donations to Willis' campaign included $500 from Bob Cashell, $1,000 from Stanton Park Development; $1,000 from Hank and Susan Thomas; $500 from Aurora Properties; $500 from Crowell, Susich, Owen & Takes law firm and Don Langson, $630.

Neither of Willis' opponents, Bill Kreider and Ron Weddell, who announced he no longer plans to run, but is still on the ballot, filed their campaign contribution papers.

- John Tatro said he was expecting an opponent when he had a fund-raiser in April to kick-start his campaign fund raising. Almost all of the $26,348 he raised for his campaign came from the $100 a plate fund-raiser. He didn't end up with an opponent and about $16,000 of the money ended up helping local charities including the Boys & Girls Club of Western Nevada, St. Theresa's Building fund and Advocates to End Domestic Violence.

- Candidates running in unopposed elections for the school board and hospital board of trustees filed returns marking their $30 filing fee as their only campaign expense.


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