Public offices file campaign statements

Candidates for Carson City public offices filed campaign financial statements this week that show how much money they have raised, who donated the funds and how they were spent.

Incumbent Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover raised $5,225 for his campaign against challenger Mary Ann Dickens, who listed her contributions and spending at $797 of her own money.

Glover has spent about $2,100, chiefly on advertising and signs. He listed contributions from the Committee to Elect Mark Amodei, $500, and Northern Nevada Title Co., $200 among numerous donations from friends.

Carson assessor's candidate David Dawley raised $4,454 and has spent just under $4,390. He faces Taunya Milligan in the Nov. 5 general election. Milligan raised $6,635, and has spent just under $4,450 on her campaign.

Ward 3 Supervisor Pete Livermore raised $8,225 for his re-election bid. He listed donors such as Landmark Homes and Development, $500, Northern Nevada Title Co., $250 and a $200 donation from Ed Epperson, chief executive officer of Carson-Tahoe Hospital. Livermore's opponent, Neil Weaver, said he forgot to file his disclosure forms Tuesday. He said he did not take "one penny" from donors. Although Supervisor Robin Williamson and Treasurer Al Kramer are both running unopposed for their respective offices, each raised about $3,000 for their campaigns. Williamson received 30 contributions below $100 and has spent $500 on her re-election bid. Kramer also received 30 contributions below $100 and spent just over $2,000, of which $1,760 was on expenses below $100 each.

The Concerned Citizens to Save Fuji Park and the Fairgrounds, a local group that has waged an 18-month war to prevent city officials from selling the city's fairgrounds, raised around $4,920. The group attempted to have an initiative ordinance placed on the ballot. Their efforts lead to the city placing on the November ballot an advisory question on the future of the city's fairgrounds.

All donations of more than $100 came from Concerned Citizens members, and the group listed a $17,380 in-kind donation from attorney Julian Smith, who represented the group in numerous court battles.


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