Final city election spending reports submitted

Several Carson City candidates and the Concerned Citizens for Fuji Park and Fairgrounds met the deadline to file final campaign contributions reports Tuesday.

Final reports had not been filed by sheriff's candidates Bob Guimont and Kenny Furlong, city recorder candidate Mary Ann Dickens, assessor candidate Taunya Milligan, or supervisor candidate Neil Weaver, although the candidates have until the end of the day to postmark the packets.

Supervisor Pete Livermore reported he spent $7,077 during the last months of his campaign, mostly on postage, advertising and an event. He showed a remaining balance of $1,435 for the campaign. His contributors included Sierra Pacific Resources, Dr. Basil Chyssos, Sheldon Kop and Gerald Massad.

Supervisor Robin Williamson recorded no contributions in the last months of the campaign and spent $100. Her balance was $964.

Sheriff's candidate Scott Burau recorded a balance of $1,242 in unspent contributions, which he donated to St. Theresa of Avila Catholic Community.

Carson Assessor Dave Dawley spent $421 during the last few months, mainly on advertising. He also received a $500 contribution from Realty Executives of Carson City.

City Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover paid $600 to himself during the end of the campaign. His ending balance was $1,115.

Concerned Citizens for Fuji Park and Fairgrounds filed a report that showed the group had a negative balance of $2,696. The group received $50 in contributions and spent $170 on advertising at the end of the campaign, the report showed.

If a report is filed one to seven days late, candidates are fined $25 for each day it is late. If the report is filed eight to 15 days late, a $50 fee is charged for each late day. If the report is filed more than 15 days late, a $100 fee is levied for each late day.

The maximum civil penalty for late or non-filed reports assessed to the candidate is $5,000 for each violation. The Attorney General's Office may recover the penalties by bringing civil action against violators, according to the Nevada Secretary of State's office.


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