Several appear in District Court

The following people appeared in Carson City District Court this week:

• Christopher Lash, 27, pleaded not guilty to battery with a deadly weapon with substantial bodily harm. Lash allegedly hit another man, an off-duty Air Force military police officer, over the head with a beer glass during an argument in a bar. The injury possibly severed a nerve in the victim's head that could result in facial paralysis, according to the arrest report.

• Ricardo Mata-Lara, 18, pleaded guilty to felony conspiracy to violate uniform controlled substance act. He will be sentenced Aug. 22.

• Adrian Munoz, 24, was given a 12-month suspended sentence on a charge of gross misdemeanor possession of a dangerous weapon.

• Frederick Panke pleaded not guilty to resisting a public officer. A trial was set for July 19.

• Ann Marie Riley, 23, was given probation and a suspended prison sentence on a charge of grand larceny.

• Jordan Burkhart, 22, had his probation revoked for using methamphetamine and marijuana and was ordered to serve a 12-month sentence for gross misdemeanor preventing a witness from testifying.

• Garry Hawes, 60, also known as David Coppock, withdrew a guilty plea to making a false statement to obtain a driver's license. He will be tried on possession of false identifying information and making a false statement to obtain a driver's license on Oct. 17.

• Amanda Hayes, 22, pleaded guilty to attempted theft for stealing money from elderly patients at a convalescent center where she worked. She was sentenced to a gross misdemeanor and granted diversion. She must successfully complete mental health court and three years probation and the charges may be dismissed.

• Michael Lee Hughes, 58, was sentenced to 60 to 150 months in prison on felony DUI with a prior DUI conviction. Hughes was convicted of felony DUI in February 2000. He had two misdemeanor DUI convictions prior to that.


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