Nevada Mining Association to present safety honors

The Nevada Mining Association will recognize mining operators and their employees for top safety performance during 2011.

The awards will be made on Sept. 8 during the association's annual convention at Lake Tahoe.

Awards will include:

Mine operators

Surface operations:

Large (300-plus employees): 1. Newmont Mining Corporation Phoenix Mine. 2. Newmont Mining Twin Creeks & Sage Mill 3. Barrick Gold of North America - Goldstrike Mine, open pit.

Medium (100-299 employees): 1 (tie). Barrick Gold of North America - Goldstrike Mine, roaster. 1 (tie). Barrick Gold of North America - Goldstrike Mine, autoclave/Mill. 2. Coeur D'Alene - Rochester Mine.

Small (20- 99 employees): 1. Newmont MiningLone Tree Mine. 2. Great Basin Gold - Esmeralda Mill.

Underground operations:

Large (300+ employees): 1. Barrick Gold of North America Turquoise Ridge Mine 2. Newmont Mining Leeville Mine. 3. Barrick Gold of North America - Goldstrike Mine, Meikle/Rodeo.

Medium (100-299 employees): 1. Newmont Mining Midas Mine. 2. Barrick Gold of North America Cortez Underground. 3. Great Basin Gold - Hollister Mine.

Small (20-99 employees): 1. Newmont Mining Exodus Mine.

Non-metal mining

1 (tie). Baker Hughes - Argenta Mine and Mill 1.(tie). Graymont Western - Pilot Peak Plant 2. EP Minerals - Colado Mine and Plant.


1.: J.S. Redpath - Nevada Operations. 2. Ames Construction - Nevada Operations.

Individual safety awards

General manager: Randy Burggraff, Round Mountain Gold Corporation

Safety manager: Lance Steilman, Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc.

Safety professional: Tammy Harding, Goldcorp Inc.; Jason Haynes, Newmont; and Ashley Ott, Barrick Goldstrike.

Mine manager/superintendent: Tige Brown, Newmont; Walt Holland, Newmont; and Ian McMullen, Newmont.

General supervisor or middle management: Graden Colby, Newmont; Don Schumacher, Barrick Cortez and Dale Thompson, Barrick Goldstrike.

Trainer: Wendy Anderson, Coeur Rochester; Ray Finley, Newmont and Jeromy McKinnon, Great Basin Gold.

Supervisor: Jason Edgar, Newmont; Eric Endy, Barrick Bald Mountain; Ken Hutchings, Great Basin Gold; Steve Kontny, Newmont; Rodney Sample, Goldcorp Inc. and Steve Veesart, Barrick Cortez.

Non-supervisory trainer: Dale Hornickel, Barrick Bald Mountain; Stephen McGowen, Round Mountain Gold Corporation and Jeff Myers, Barrick Cortez.

Non-supervisory emergency response: James Davis, Newmont; James Jensen, Newmont; Lonna Lupercio, Barrick Goldstrike; Randy Miller, Newmont; Jeremy Rice, Barrick Bald Mountain and Dan Vance, Barrick Cortez.

Non-supervisory: Mike Abrams, Newmont; Ernesto Manzo, Newmont; Michael Peacher, Newmont; Doug Ruehl, Newmont; Todd Samuelson, Newmont; Duane Skelton, Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc. and Scott Torrence, Barrick Goldstrike.

Special awards

Darrel Gerstner, outstanding career in safety.

Sandvik Mining and Construction, five years underground with no lost time.


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