Letters to the editor for Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013

‘Facts’ in anti-Obama letter boggle the mind

I was rendered danged-near speechless (Yup, hard to believe by those who know me) by a letter in the Aug. 3 edition of the Appeal urging people to “Protest Obama ...” Not sure if I was more dumb-struck by the misinformation in the letter or the fact that it took two brains to come up with such blatant errors. I don’t know where they were during civics and/or economics class, but President Obama is hardly the first president under which monies have been given to foreign countries. Further, it is not the President but Congress which authorizes funding to these countries. While I could not agree more that we should look at decreasing funding to countries which would love to dance on our collective graves (as some did on Sept. 11, 2001), let us be fair, and again, accurate in such pronouncements!

And the statement referring to First Lady Michelle Obama as (apparently single-handedly) “taking the sugar and salt out of our foods” absolutely floored me! While she has tried to shed light on the potential causes affecting childhood obesity in this country, I hardly think she has any direct, hands-on impact on what arrives on our supermarket shelves, nor does she dictate what we choose to put in our grocery carts. I can only hope all informed, independent-thinking folks out there give that letter the attention it merits: zip, zero, zilch.

By the way, obesity rates in preschoolers have gone down. And that’s a bad thing why? Just sayin’.

Linda Hoxsie

Carson City

Nothing ‘humane’ about handling of dog

Isn’t it ironic the article for a fundraiser to build a new modern animals shelter and the letter from Jeraldine Archuleta appeared in the paper on the same day, Sunday, Aug. 4?

The pound would not hold her dog more than three days (72 hours). She asked for five. The fee would have been around $200. It was the dog’s first arrest. That would have went a ways for your animal shelter, as you call it. If the law is 72 hours, it needs to be changed or allowances made on some circumstances. Some people have to wait for a payday.

I have lived in Carson since 1969, and have heard you are trying to portray yourselves as a humane society. Really? Is the dog dead? A city pound protects people from animals and a humane society protects animals from people. If the laws pertain to a city pound, then call it what it is.

I called the pound to ask what they charge for animals disposal for my little dog. The woman who answered the phone was abrupt and rude. I hate to put it like this, but you city and state workers work for us, we pay your salary. You seem to forget that.

Dixie L. Horsmon

Carson City

Shelter’s employees need compassion

I am so upset over this poor little dog being killed because some absolutely heartless individual at the Carson animal shelter had a dispute with the owner because the lady couldn’t afford to come up with $100 plus to get her pet back!

The owner also said it was the first time the dog had gotten out, and the shelter wanted to punish her for that! She asked for a little time to come up with the money, and they gave her an unreasonable time. If I was there, I would have given the money to her! How dare some person who apparently had too much authority kill that poor little dog because they were mad at the owner? Is this place a shelter or not? I thought a shelter is a place where you help animals — not right out kill them!

I also heard this is their rule! Why would you have a rule like that anyway? This person should absolutely be fired and not just transferred or demoted! If you don’t have compassionate and caring people to work at the shelter then hire new people who are! This little darling died because someone had too much authority and too little sense and did not care! What an outrage!

Doreen and Dennis Hoffman

Carson City

Parties not tough on illegal immigration

It’s an outrage. Sixty thousand criminals aka illegal aliens are going to get driving “privilege” cards in Nevada. This is a “privilege” we American citizens have to earn. The legislators and Gov. Sandoval have just put out a bulletin to all the criminals (illegals) even in California to come to Nevada. Why not? The only legislator voting against this in the State Senate was Sen. Don Gustafson. Senator, maybe you should consider running for governor. American values and common sense have been extinguished through our politicians.

We’re also insulting our legal immigrants who came to this country to become Americans. They take great pride in studying the Constitution and learning English in order to become part of America. Many illegals break the laws sneaking into this country just to receive the handouts (free medical, food stamps, housing, welfare) with no desire to fit into American culture.

Then there’s Sen. Marco Rubio who is heading up “immigration reform.” Our laws don’t need “reforming,” they need enforcing. He says they won’t receive welfare, etc. Please! All they need to do is hatch a baby or two or five on American soil and that child becomes American and gets all the benefits and freebees.

This country is going down quickly because we elect the same people year after year. The Democrats have been in control of Congress for over 60 years with only a short break in between thanks to Newt Gingrich. Now many Republicans are trying to become quasi-Democrats. God help us!

Nannette Moffett

Carson City


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