Letters to the editor for Sunday, Aug. 25, 2013

Get to know a horse and you’ll respect it

In response to Rob Cobb’s letter, you are obviously a horse hater. There is nothing more beautiful then a horse catching the wind, running across a meadow. Get to know a horse and discover how awesome and intelligent the creature is.

You drive through Stagecoach and there’s dung “everywhere?” That’s quite a pile of dung! Scoop some up and put it on your flowers. Don’t drive there if the dung is too much for you.

“Changing of hands” to make “extreme minority influential?” Makes no sense. If that were true, why are the horses penned up and others slaughtered and rendered into dog food?

Why can’t they be eaten? Are you referring to the dung or the horse? Why would you want to? Cattle way outnumber the horse, so eat the cattle. Horses are not generally raised for food. There could very well be a law against it anyway. If there isn’t, there should be.

The wild mustang is part of our proud Nevada heritage. Why do people like you want to take away our heritage? Leave our horses alone! Don’t condemn the horse to the dinner table because man is greedy wanting more and more land to occupy because we are over populating the earth. Man has destroyed habitats and rainforests, polluted the earth, crowded out land for animals while diminishing the herds.

What happens when we run out of land to build on and grow food and the animals are all gone? How will man feed himself? Soylent Green?

Phyllis Skamel

Carson City

Lucky is part of what makes Carson great

Thank you for printing an uplifting article on the front page, the story of Glenn Lucky. We have lived here 7 years and see him riding into Carson City most days and always try to honk and wave but have always wondered what his story was.

He truly is an inspiration. When we feel like we can’t walk around the block and then see him ride a bike into Carson City, we have to take pause and be thankful for what we have. It was also heartwarming to read how the community came together to help him in his need. We read stories like that all the time in the Appeal, and we know we made the right decision to retire here where there are so many good and giving people. It has made us better and giving people also!

Christeen Hanson


Don’t pile on A-Rod without any evidence

I am writing in response to Darrell Moody’s column of Aug. 11, “Alex Rodriguez Needs to Go Away ... Please.” How quick we are to pile on an athlete accused of using drugs (PEDs) even before we see evidence. It’s the old “who needs evidence, we all know he’s guilty.”

Even if he is guilty, I believe an arbitrator will give a 50 or 100 game suspension as is called for in the player agreement. If baseball doesn’t show irrefutable proof, he may not be suspended at all. The Yankees would of course love to void his contract. Let’s look at that contract. They were looking to get A-Rod’s next best 6 or 7 years, and they got that. The last 3 or 4 years discounted to the present value on contract signing was to pay for the earlier years. If he was reasonably productive in later years, that was a bonus.

Sports reporters hounded Barry Bonds, and true his relationship with the media wasn’t always pleasant. So they got back at him. He may well have used PEDs and his records may be suspect, but it was never proven. Bonds and A-Rod will never get into the Hall of Fame because baseball writers do the voting.

Ronald Adams


Democrats’ options for presidential race weak

If the only two Democrats vying for the presidential nomination for president in 2016 are Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton then poor Democrats. One is really stupid and the other is a crook. What a choice!

However, what else could you expect from the Democratic nomination committee? Their choices are very, very limited. Harry Reid? Nancy Pelosi? All crooks, liars and people not suited for such power. If any of these above named people had real jobs, they would have been fired years ago, but when you become a career politician, it seems you can go on forever sucking the lifeblood out of our once-great country. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty.

Carmelita Raney


Heartless column does dog owner injustice

I was very offended by John Barrette’s opinion on the tragic death of the dog that was killed by the animal shelter. Mr. Barrette’s arrogant remarks about the dog not being licensed and it was a “chain of events” and that “dogs and cats can come and go at will if their owners know the rules and follow them” infuriates me. The animal shelter was not forthright in telling the owner what they did with the dog. Only when the owner called the Mayor’s office did she get the truth of what happened.

Mr. Barrette, you claim that pet ownership is a privilege and a responsibility. The employees at the shelter are also privileged to have a job that the taxpayers fund. They are also responsible for having compassion for the animals that come through there doors. If they don’t then they don’t belong working at an animals shelter.

Shame on you for throwing salt in the wound of this pet owner. Your callous, heartless remarks on this issue is a reflection of your character (or lack thereof) and should never have been printed. You have some nerve ending your column with a sentence, and I quote, “As a consequence, much of the media furor is emotional blather.”

To the Appeal: You have a responsibility to the citizens of Carson to report on what the Mayor’s office is doing to reprimand the people responsible for this unfathomable tragedy. I know you want people to buy your paper, but this is ridiculous. Shame on you as well.

Sunni Enciso Heinrichs

Carson City


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