Letters to the editor March 15

An ode to wildhorses

Here is the desert where I once ran free,

How could people make a threat out of me?

I tolerated your visits and all of your stares,

All so you could enjoy the beauty of my mares.

I nuzzled your hand gently so that you

Could touch something wild under a sky so blue.

I with my herd joined you at the river,

So that of Nevada’s bounty you could have a sliver.

I ate of the grasses and kept them low,

So that wildfire would not be something you know.

Here is the desert where I once ran free,

Now you have come to take the wild out of me.

These desert hills I graced as a wild stallion,

Now I’m only seen on the back of a medallion.

Kate Morra

Carson City

Nevada needs harsher drunk driving penalties

I have been wondering why we insist on calling car accidents, or any accident, that involves alcohol an accident.

There is not a person on this planet old enough to think that does not know the effects of alcohol on the human body. We still though call it an accident when someone decides to go drinking, get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and then drive off and get in a wreck.

When someone grabs a gun or a bat or a knife and attacks and maims or kills someone, they get charged with first or second degree murder and end up doing life behind bars or even getting the death penalty if the crime was bad enough. When someone who has been drinking causes an accident that ends in a fatality or even multiple fatalities, they get charged with manslaughter. Both the person using the gun, bat, or knife and the person who was drunk knew what they were doing when they were doing it. The method of murder makes no difference to the families of the victims, their loved ones are still dead and gone.

I believe that the punishments need to be more severe for the drunk driver than they currently are. The punishments should be the same for the drunk driver as they are for the first degree murderer.

Michael Sieber


What deck of cards are you using?

In response to Kerry Partridge’s letter “Educate yourself on today’s important issues,” followers of Fox find them to be “fair and balanced” reporting. If you believe the 10 minute news breaks on Fox is actual objective current information news that is “fair and balanced,” then I would agree.

If you are stating that the Fox featured opinion shows with TV hosts Hannity, Huckabee, The Five, Greta Van Susteren that include Fox paid commentators such as Republicans Palin, Santorum, Herman Cain, Dick Morris, Karl Rove, pollster Frank Luntz are objective without bias and are “fair and balanced,” then I suggest you get a new deck of cards. The ones you are using are stacked.

Linda Adams



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