Letters to the editor for Friday, Nov. 29, 2013

Traffic is far too heavy near Quail Run senior community

I was glad to see an article in the Appeal that the freeway bypass was expected to be completed in 2016, a year ahead of time. But then I was disappointed to see a story the next day that the freeway would not be completed until 2017. Even the date of 2016 is too far out when you consider the very dangerous traffic situation that exists on Fairview Drive and Bobwhite, the entrance to Quail Run senior community. It is a tragedy waiting to happen.

The very heavy traffic volume creates a dangerous situation. The speed limit on Fairview is 35 mph, though many cars travel faster than that. If a car facing east with tires turned slightly to the left waiting to enter Quail Run is rear-ended, it will be pushed directly into the path of two lanes of oncoming traffic that can include trucks pulling two or three trailers. Waiting to turn left out of Quail Run is a dangerous exercise and requires constant judging of traffic in both directions by many older residents who might have diminished eyesight, hearing, or reaction times. Even turning right out of the community is dangerous because of a limited view of oncoming traffic beyond the curve on Fairview. Again, the traffic can include trucks with limited ability to stop in time to avoid cars exiting Quail Run.

Beyond the safety issues, the noise and vibration of such a heavily trafficked street so close to houses is stressful and brings down home values. The bypass should be completed much sooner than two or three years from now.

Rick Jenkins

Carson City

God didn’t write the Bible, doesn’t back gun ownership

God help us! Rosalee Barnwell Hinton states that “the right to freedom of worship;” “the right to keep and bear arms;” “the right to own land” are “God-given rights.” Then she claims that “the King James Bible” which is a man’s version of the Bible should be the one followed. Why not God’s version of the Bible? Oh, that’s right. God — whichever one you worship — never wrote a word of any known Bible. Man wrote them all. In fact, I know of no version written by a woman. Do you?

If she would look at history, she would find out that it was a man’s idea that land should be owned individually, not a god’s. Did a god invent the concept of the gun that kills? I was sure it was a man who invented and sold it, and the idea that we should be able to keep and bear arms came from our founding fathers — all men. The right to freedom of worship was also an idea brought forth by man. If Rosalee has some documented proof that this is not the case, I suggest she bring it to the Nevada Appeal so they may print it for all the world to see.

George J. Gosselin

Carson City

heg heg

Incredible Performance!

Western Nevada College’s Musical Theatre Company’s production of “Les Miserables” is an incredible experience. Its production of this play is powerful, energetic and moving. From the opening scene to the dramatic climax, this play screams professional quality. The live orchestra, superb singing, outstanding sets and costumes made this an evening I will not forget.

Judy Larquier

Carson City


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