Letters to the editor for Friday, March 28, 2014

Readers shouldn’t have to endure preaching screeds

Hats off to Susan Spencer and her letter for a response to Rosalie Barnwell Hinton’s latest letter. She must count the days until she can submit yet another diatribe to the paper. We don’t need this kind of preaching.

Eleanor Steingrebe

Carson City

Constitution was bought with blood of those who protect us

What I value about the Constitution is its guarantee of life, liberty and the right to pursue happiness. It means all of us can choose our own beliefs and follow our own conscience, giving us the right to pursue our road to happiness without governmental interference.

It’s a wonderful document if we pay attention to its words because it speaks to every one of us.

It has been purchased with the blood of men and women through all the wars that America has engaged in to protect these very freedoms.

Are we losing the truths it guarantees that have guided us through the ages? This is your wake-up call.

James McMullen

Carson City

With governor or alone, deer are a welcome sight

Enjoyed your column by Brian Sandford about Gov. Sandoval and the deer.

On the early evening of March 15, my friend and I came out of the Episcopal Church on Division and Seventh streets. Deer were having dinner on the parish lawn in downtown Carson.

Marlon Bruessel



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