Past Pages for Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015

150 years ago

Honorable James Crawford, member of the Assembly elect from Lyon County, came to see us yesterday. “Como” presents that contented and healthful appearance which helps to make him so deservedly popular to his sagebrushers in general. We should not be surprised nor disappointed if he had the honor of the Speakership forced upon him.

130 years ago

(Emma Nevada; continued from Wednesday). This morning Miss Nevada’s car will arrive, and as it is 75 feet long. Mr. Yerrington (sic) is in a quandary about how he will run it around the curves. In cases of this kind, he leaves the solution of the problem to road master Atherton, who would commit suicide before he would allow the report to go back east that he couldn’t get the prima donna’s car around the crooked curves of the V&T. He will land the car at the Virginia City depot if he has to tear up half the track in the attempt.

100 years ago

W.R. McFadden, traveling auditor for the Nevada Industrial Insurance commission, has just returned from and eastern and northern tour of the state, where he returns a glowing report from the Osceola mining district of White Pine County, where vast tungsten fields have been opened.

70 years ago

Nine homes at the Presbyterian conference grounds at Zephyr Point were completely destroyed by fire today, caused, fire officials believe, when smoldering debris broke into flames. The only thing that the wind was blowing toward the lake saved the entire district.

50 years ago

The Ormsby County Democratic Central Committee voted at its regular meeting to oust the Young Democrats Club of Ormsby County from participating as a functional part of its organization. The club’s lack of cooperation with the Central Committee prompted the action.

30 years ago

Things are quieter at the Carson City Sheriff’s Office today as all the top brass, from Sheriff Hal Dunn down through undersheriff, chiefs and five lieutenants, spend their work days at the Ormsby House at a seminar on civil liability.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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