Letters to the editor for Sunday, March 1, 2015

Similar business name causes issues for family, business

I purchased Nevada Organics, a topsoil and landscape supply business, in 2000. It has existed in Carson for more than 25 years. An Arizona medical marijuana company has applied and received permits for a grow and production facility here in Carson using the name “Nevada Organix LLC.” This city and state have no laws barring this same name unless you have a contractors license.

The name confusion is a problem enough. The bigger problem is that an Internet search of my company name, because of Secretary of State’s rules, will bring you straight to my home page. This applies to most small businesses in Nevada. With the stringent security measures that the growers must have, mandated by the city and state, do I put up a cyclone and barbed fence to protect my family?

I ask this question because it has already started. Nevada Organix LLC isn’t even in business yet, and I am getting calls for them. What happens when they start showing up at my door? My customers, as Nevada Organics, already do this now. This is a very real situation for my family. The major difference between the two — pot has been dealt out of homes since the beginning, and topsoil-landscape materials have not. My customers figured this out and make a phone call first. Will theirs do the same?

Is this what Sen. Segerblom intended when sponsoring his bill? I pray this situation does not show up at my door, but reality suggests otherwise. I fear this is the beginning of a very dark chapter for this city and state.

Jeff Fuhrman

Nevada Organics, owner

Money needed for schools and school repairs

The first paragraph of Associated Press writer Michelle Rindel’s recent story tells us federal funds for Nevada highways and infrastructure are decreasing — they fell 6 percent from 2008 to 2013. Immediately, my mind turned to education.

The writer cites growing population in Nevada as a reason for the increased need for infrastructure funding. I get it, no surprise here. If this is true for public infrastructure, why doesn’t this argument apply to public schools also? Surely this population growth includes school-aged children.

So why can’t Republican legislators and taxpayers understand more money is needed for new schools and old school repairs?

Wendell Newman

Carson City

Catmandu comes to rescue of local cats

There are many victims of crimes committed by drug abusers as witnessed in the recent burglaries in Carson City. Along with the victims whose homes were burglarized and whose sense of safety in their homes was destroyed; the drug abusers’ family bonds are broken; their children neglected, displaced, frightened and confused. Many times their pets also suffer from abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Luckily, someone alerted Catmandu and asked for help. Catmandu rescued the cats, is having them spayed/neutered, and is providing them with much needed TLC.

The female cat has settled into her new setting, but the male cat is very frightened. Hopefully he will adjust and eventually be ready for adoption.

To learn more about these cats and many others at Catmandu, or to donate funds or volunteer, go to www.catmanducc.org; or find Catmandu Carson City on Facebook, or stop by. Open Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. ­to 5 p.m.

Vivian Spiker

Carson City

‘Climategate’ is ploy to destroy our way of life

“Climategate” was investigated by the universities that employed the parties involved. Then, unsurprisingly, the fox announced that there was no problem in the henhouse.

New York City was shut down based on an erroneous forecast, for which the National Weather Service later apologized.

After the headlines claiming 2014 was the warmest year ever, the folks who said it quietly admitted there was a 38 percent chance that 2014 was 2/100th of a degree warmer than previous years.

According to the IPCC’s computer models, the temperature should be rising year after year. In fact, the globe hasn’t warmed in 18 years.

The real agenda behind the global warming hysteria was admitted by a United Nations official. In a recent speech, Christiana Figueres, head of the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, stated: “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history.” Figueres continued, “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years — since the industrial revolution.”

So the real reason for the AGW ruse is to destroy the economies of and to reduce the standard of living enjoyed in the industrialized nations, down to the level suffered by people in third world countries. Will we let this happen?

E.C. Cowan

Carson City

More money won’t help schools

Alicia Kittess in her letter on Feb. 10 states, “I fear more money funneled to the schools won’t make them better.” I agree.

“Solutions 2015 — A Sourcebook for Nevada Policymakers” furnished by the Nevada Policy Research Institute has an interesting tabulation, of which the following has been taken:

State: District of Columbia; Spending: $28,402; Rank: 1; Reading score: 248; Rank: 51; Math score: 265; Rank: 51.

State: New York; Spending: $20,174; Rank: 2; Reading score: 266; Rank: T-30; Math score: 282; Rank: T-31.

State: Nevada; Spending: $9,650; Rank: 44; Reading score: 262; Rank: T-38; Math score: 278; Rank T-41.

State: Utah; Spending: $7,749; Rank: 50; Reading score: 270; Rank: T-13; Math score: 284; Rank: T-27.

State: Idaho; Spending: $7,624; Rank: 51; Reading score: 270; Rank: T-13; Math score: 286; Rank: T-21.

State: Median of 51; Spending: $18,014: Rank: 5; Reading score: 262; Rank: T-38; Math score: 283; Rank: 30.

The two lowest spenders, Utah and Idaho, had better scores than the two biggest spenders, District of Columbia and New York.

Differences such as cost of living, etc., exist; but due to the large differences between the spending and the results, there has to be other factors that need to be considered and checked.

We are being required to compete on a worldwide basis, and we owe it to our children and grandchildren to prepare them for the battle. It starts with a good foundation in the basics of education.

People are not against spending for education if they feel their children are getting their money’s worth.

Sanford E. Deyo


Too many cars in Governor’s Mansion neighborhood

My house is at 704 W. Caroline St. I’m in the first block down from the Governor’s Mansion. The problem is the pavilion built next to the Governor’s Mansion.

Our neighborhood has no street parking from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. most calendar days, including holidays (Thanksgiving for example). The governor’s pavilion is putting on programs pertaining to all different kinds of groups. Whatever happened to the Community Center?

When I told an individual at 7 a.m. Wednesday that my family was due in soon to park where I had put a “No parking” sign, he parked there anyway. When I told him that was very disrespectful to park there anyway, he said, “Shut up.”

It seems to me with all the moneys (funding, etc.), Carson City has, building multi-purpose athletic center when it’s not in use and could be used for group meetings so a few could be taken out of our neighborhood.

Betty Brinson

Carson City


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