Letters to the editor for Sunday, July 5, 2015

A bad month for Republicans

Oh my goodness! I’m trying to muster some compassion for all the no-taxers, the naysayers, the no-progress conservatives who have just gotten their right-wing heads handed to them recently. Nope! Can’t do it.

First, your Republican governor (whom you call a RINO now) showed his intelligence by recognizing certain common-sense facts about governing. If you want a civilized society, one that provides quality goods and services to those who need them, you must have a source of revenue. Kudos to Sandoval for knowing what was needed in the face of reactionaries in his own party. A sucker punch that you all didn’t see coming.

Second, a kidney punch delivered by the Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act. That must hurt like hell not being able to take away health care from some 7 million fellow Americans. But you got up, a standing eight-count for sure, and swore to keep on fighting to abolish something you feel people don’t deserve. Bully for you.

But then the knockout blow. A vicious uppercut to the chin. Same-sex marriage is now the law of the land. The Fourteenth Amendment once and for all silenced the bigotry of your bible. The Constitution has been, and will continue to be, the protection for citizens wrongly deprived by others.

You might want to stay down and catch your breath. Re-charge your venom. There is still immigration out there for you.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City

Thank you and great job firefighters

This was quite the weekend. Two lightening strikes above my house and yes, fire. The firefighters were right on top of things. Of course the fire was burning in inaccessible terrain. Pretty common for Northern Nevada with our beautiful mountains.

The helicopter arrived looking like a giant orange and white salamander loaded with fire quenching liquid. They did two drops on the southern most fire burning in trees. Finally they returned to our fire and dropped their load. It gave us hope. It looked like they were going to do a second pass but dusk had come and the helicopter had to head home.

We watched the fire burn into the night and suddenly we saw Hot Shots climbing their way along the ridge tops bush whacking to the burn. They looked like fireflies in the dark of night. The head light lamps on their helmets gave a surreal look. It was beautiful and magical. They kept watch over things until morning.

Sunday a yellow helicopter showed up to make sure the fires were out. More passes of water drops. Once again the Hot Shots were climbing their way back up the mountain to mop up the fire area. We are thankful for them all. They are invaluable and awesome!

Great job, thank you!

Nancy Wittman



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